Imaginary Scramble

A special Lostbelt story-based event. Escape the Imaginary Space.


Event Guidelines

Imaginary Scramble is a special Lostbelt story event that will based on Arc 2 story up to Lostbelt 4, and will feature a unique Exploration Game Mode.

Your goal for this event is to explore through the Imaginary Space in order to find a way out. You will be scanning areas on the map to discover treasure and enemies.

Guidelines to follow

  • Event is under a daily time lock. A new set of quest and exploration area will unlock each day (at login reset)
  • The Final Set of quests will unlock a week after the start of the event.
  • Your primary goal is to quickly progress through the main story quests by reaching the required exploration point threshold.
  • Acquire Exploration points by traversing the map, finding treasure, and defeating the detected enemies.
  • You need to scan the areas to reveal treasures and enemy encounters.
  • Treasures can be found in the center of white circles that are revealed through scanning.
  • Enemy encounter will come in the form of either a Black or Red outline of sea creatures on the map.
  • There will be 5 different areas to explore.
  • Each player will have slightly different map layouts but will be very similar to the maps on this guide.
  • This event will feature damage bonus event craft essences in the shop.
  • There will be a drop bonus by filling your team with specific servants for this event. Check the Infograph for details
  • There will be three different types of scanning methods you will use to reveal the map.
  • Scanning will require special event currencies that can be obtained by grinding Free Quests.

NOTE: Note that Pacific Daylight Time will end on November 6, the clock will be set back one hour. Daily Reset and Event End time will be pulled back by 1 Hour. This event will not have a normal rerun, instead it will return as main interlude without the rewards or materials.

Support Setup Recommendation

Players will start off on focus on maximum scanning currency bonus, the new banner servants, Nemo and Van Gogh, are preferred as they provide a drop bonus for all 3 scanner material types. Every Foreigner, Summer Servant, and Servant with a Summer Costume will provide a drop bonus. Note that not all possible bonus servants are on this chart as there would be too many of them to fit. Check Infograph for further details. Red indicates most optimal.

Imaginary Scramble Infograph

By Kevinrealk

Click image for full sized version

Event Walkthrough – Work in Progress

Getting Started

  • Maximize Team bonus for Scanner Resource Gain (Check infograph for details on bonus servants)
  • The Event is under a daily time lock so there is no need point in trying to rush this event.
  • Long time players should have no trouble clearing the battles without damage bonus CE. Newer players can take advantage of the Shop CE to make up for lower servant levels.
  • New Main Story Quests and Free Quests will unlock after reaching a certain exploration point threshold. Clear them out as soon as they are available.
  • There are 3 different scanning modes that you will use.
  • Osakebehime Scanner – 3×3 square formation around the selected point of exploration – you will start with this scan option.
  • Raikou Scanner – 5 by 5 Cross Formation – the most difficult to use and overal worse than the previous formation in terms of scans. – Mostly used to help fill empty spaces – You will get this in Act 2 (2/4).
  • PFS Scanner (Melt) – 5 by 5 “X “Formation – this is the best method for wide coverage in exploration. You can reach find and reach parts of the map with this method and can use the previous 2 methods to fill in empty spaces. – You will get this in Act 3 (1/6)
  • Focus on speeding through the areas until after Chapter 3 (1/6) when you unlock the PFS Scanner. It is inefficient to try to clear the entire map out without it.
  • There are two different types of Enemy Encounters that will appear on the map in the form of outlines of Sea Creatures: black and red.
  • Black Encounters are just normal battles can easily be cleared by most players.
  • Red Encounters are special battles where the enemies have a special void enhancement. You will need to deploy a specific NPC support with the matching void attribute to negate that enhancement.
  • It is best to deal with the Red Encounter once you unlock the specific NPC Support. The last one will be unlocked after Act 4.

Click each part below for detailed walkthrough

Start of the Event – Area 1

  1. Clear Prologue.
  2. Clear Act 1 (1/2)
  3. Reach 8000 exploration points for the next area

Clear all Free Quests that become available.

The fastest way to proceed would be avoid battling the enemy shadows on the map and instead head straight for the 5 Treasure nodes that are closer to the center of the map.

  • You will primarily be farming the Novice Node for Scales and Fins to scan your way through this early stage
  • From the starting point move westward and capture the 3 treasure nodes to the left of the starting point (Nautilus).
  • Then head northwest and capture the 2 treasure nodes on the top-center and center-left of the map.
  • You should enough or close to enough points to unlock the next main quest.
  • If you’re short on points you can scan more areas on the map.
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Area 2

  • In this area you want to avoid the red enemy shadows on the map, we will return to them another time once we have unlocked additional npc supports.
  • Our primary goal will be quickly reach 32000 exploration points for the next area

Simply scan the treasure nodes and fight the normal black enemy shadows on the map until you reach the point requirement.

  • Clear Torpedo Boat Free Quest for 1st clear reward
  • Farm The Gun Boat Free Quest for the Fins and Scales to keep scanning.
  • After reaching 22,000 points clear the unlocked Main Quests Act 2 (2/4) and obtain Raikou NPC Support character.
  • You will unlock the new Raikou Scanner, which has longer reach vertically and horizontally but is difficult to use and does not cover as efficiently as the starting scanner.
  • It is best to keep using the starting Osakabehime Scanner in most cases to traverse the 2nd area.

Area 3

There will be 2 points goals to reach, the first is the 48000 exploration points to unlock that main quests that gives you PFS Scanner and the second is the 81000 to get to the next chapter.

  • Clear the Destroyer class Free Quest for first time rewards.
  • Continue to farm Gun Boat Free Quest for the starting Scanner until you unlock PFS Scanner and reach 52000 points to unlock Light Cruiser Free Quest.
  • Farm the Light Cruiser Free Quest for Scales and Tooth to power the PFS Scanner.

This area will unlock the 3rd and final scanner – PFS Scanner (Meltryllis) this scanner is the best overall to use due to its long diagonal reach and efficient coverage due to reduced overlapping with already scanned areas.

  • Use the PFS Scanner to quickly reach different areas of the map and use either the Osakabe or Raikou Scanner to fill in the gaps.
  • It is best to Traverse the map by avoiding the areas with the Red Enemy Shadows and focus on the capturing Treasure and defeating the Normal Shadows.

Area 4

  • This area is smaller than the previous 2 areas and is about comparable to the first area in size.
  • You will then need to reveal and eliminate 4 enemy shadows to automatically progress the story.
  • Farm either Heavy Cruiser to farm all event currency or Battle Cruiser if you want just pure scanning resources.

Your primary goal will be to accumulate 113000 exploration points

After Act 4, you should have obtained the final NPC Support Servant – Nemo. You should be able to handle all the red enemy locations. Feel free to back track to the previous areas and clear them out with the matching void attribute.

Area 5

  • This area is not explorable, you will need to wait until the final set of quests to explore it
  • Primary goal will be to accumulation 135000 exploration points.
  • After you clear out Act 5, you will need to wait for the time lock to unlock the remaining quests.

Finale – Abyss

  • This area is the same location as Area 5, but it is explorable now.
  • The best free quests will be available, but you must clear the special foreigner quests first.
  • The special purple icons on the map are the locations of the special foreigner quests and each symbol corresponds to which foreigner you will be fighting.
  • Clear all foreigner battles to complete the story and obtain the holy grail.

After Story

Imaginary Scramble Free Quest Drop Rates

  • Work in Progress