FGO Halloween Rising Event Guide


Event Guidelines

Introducing the new Halloween Rising event for Fate Grand Order. It’s the first Halloween event in over two years, with the last one being Shuten Doji Halloween in 2020.

This is point banner event has three different banners to grind points for, offering various rewards.

The main reward for this event is the free 4* servant: Cinderella Elizabeth Bathory, a single target buster rider servant who is a good option for those without a decent single target rider. Your goal for this event is play through the event by grinding points from free quests in order to meet required point threshold needed for story progress.

Guidelines to follow

  • The event is time-locked with new chapters and story quests each day. The final time lock unlocks on Oct 16th. Use natural AP for the first week, then farm ascension materials, event points, and more after completing the epilogue.
  • For this event, the number of points is based on enemy numbers on the field. The more enemies that appear, the more points you will earn.
  • There will be free bonus Event CE that will boost the enemy spawn rate up to 100%. A base craft essence provides 25%, while a max limit broken one gives 100%. Use one max limit broken craft essence on your team and fill the rest with other CE for drops and farming. Spawn rate bonuses cap at 100%, there is no benefit for going further than that.
  • These Event CE can be obtained from the event shop and point banners, with five copies available to max limit break them. These essences will also provide a damage bonus to the equipped servant (100% base, 200% when max limit broken).
  • AoE servants are HIGHLY Recommend for this event. Quick or Arts looping works well here, especially with double Skadi or Castoria buffs. Up to 6 enemies will show up at once on the stage, instead of coming in as replacements.
  • Save your apples if you can for Christmas 2023, which will be coming in a month after this event.

NOTE: This event has not had a rerun in JP. Make sure you do not miss this event as it is unlikely to be rerun again.

Support Setup Recommendation

Players will mostly focus on maximizing spawn bonus in the early stages of the game, but afterwards every player will be able to achieve 100% spawn rate with a single MLB CE. Supports such as Skadi, Castoria, and Koyanskaya will be used the most with Event currency drop bonus.

Halloween Rising Infograph

By Kevinrealk and Sou

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Event Walkthrough

Getting Started

  • Run on Natural AP until the one-week time lock lifts (~Oct 16th)
  • Equip Bare Kings on every team as most nodes have middle boss “Marchen” enemy that can be duplicated.
  • Place the spawn bonus CE on your main damage dealer for 100/200% Damage Bonus.
  • Prioritize a 100% enemy spawn rate by getting one copy of each bonus CE from the shop and adding it to your team for a 25% bonus.
  • Reach a threshold of 100,000 points on each point banner to maximize the 100% spawn rate. 1 CE from the Event Shop and 3 from the point banner when you reach 100,000 points.
  • Complete the Prologue and Act 1 to get a temporary copy of Cinderella Elizabeth and Halloween Royalty Mystic Code. Elizabeth will be made permanent when completing the event story epilogue.
  • Meet point thresholds to proceed with the story: Act 2 – 30,000; Act 3 – 90,000; Act 4 – 170,000; Act 5 – 260,000; Act 6 – 350,000; Act 7 and Epilogue – 450,000.
  • Focus on getting points rather than event shop currency after acquiring one copy of each from the shop. Work off natural AP until reaching 450k points when better nodes unlock.

Click each part below for detailed walkthrough

Start of the Event

  1. Watch the Prologue Cutscene.
  2. Clear Act 1. Single wave of 3 Pumpkin Skeletons (Saber). Drops Magic Sesame Seeds.
  3. Obtain Temporary Copy of Cinderella Elizabeth and the Halloween Royalty Mystic Code.
  4. Clear and Farm the Mansion-side Cavern Free Quests until you reach 30k point threshold for Act 2
  5. As soon as you get 200 of each event currency, purchase the spawn bonus event currency and equip it to your team.

Mansion-side Cavern Free Quests:

  • Misfortunate Lady (30 AP) – Saber – Spellbooks & Lakshimibai – Waves (2/2/2) – Sesame Seeds, Snow White and Cinderella Points.
  • Large Wine Gourd (35 AP) – Caster – Pumpkin Heads & Shuten Douji(Halloween) – Waves (3/2/2) Gingerbread House, Cinderella and Red Riding Hood Points.
  • Beast of the Grotto (40 AP) – Berserker – Automata & Asterios – Waves (3/2/2) – Poison Apple, Snow White and Red Riding Hood Points.

Extra Quest (Clear Act 1 and reach 15k combined points):

  • Single Wave of 4 enemies in the following order: Tamamo Cat, Hessian Lobo, Red Hare, and Quetzalcoatl. Around 40K HP Each.
  • Three enemies will show up at once with one replacement waiting.

Act 2

  1. Clear Act 2-1: Zenobia (Archer) – 90k HP. Mandatory solo using NPC Support Cinderella Elizabeth.
  2. Clear Act 2-2: Constant waves of Servants – 4k HP each. Battle ends after 5 turns.
  3. Farm the newly unlocked Sea of Sandstorms until 90k combined point threshold is reached for Act 3.

Sea of Sandstorms Free Quest (Rider): Use Bare Kings CE (Leonidas)

  • Wave 1: 3 x Bhujanga Snakes
  • Wave 2: 2 x Bhujanga Snakes + Great Dragon(Marchen)
  • Final: Astolfo + Bhujanga Snake
  • Drops Magic Sesame Seeds.
  • Gives Snow White and Cinderella Points.

Extra Quest: The Honest Woodman (Clear Act 2 and 50K Combined Points):

  • Single Wave: Gold, Silver, and Bronze Nobu.
  • Start of turn unremovable debuff of 20% Attack Down and NP Seal applied to the party.
  • Attacking Bronze Nobu will remove all buffs and debuffs from the party and increase their attack by 100%
  • Attacking Gold or Silver Nobu will remove all debuffs and guts from enemies and increase their attack by 100%.

Extra Quest: The Tortoise and the Hare (Clear Act 2 and 70K Combined Points):

  • Single Wave: Scathach(Lancer) + Martha(Rider)
  • Scathach will increase NP by 1 bar after every attack. Will fall sleep after firing off her NP.
  • Martha has 50% Defense and removes Sleep from Scathach when using her NP.

Act 3

  1. Clear Act 3-1: Single wave of Sea Demons. Drops Magic Sesame Seeds.
  2. Clear Act 3-2: (3/3/1 Wave) of Sea Demons, Monkey, and Shantak. Single Hydra Boss at the end. Drops Magic Sesame Seeds.
  3. Clear Act 3-3: Unskippable dialogue: choosing Option 2 will disable Mystic Codes and Command Spells. (3/3/1 Wave) of Snakes, Monkey, and Shantak. Single Chimea Boss at the end. Drops Magic Sesame Seeds. Can only use a preset party of 6 NPC Servants in battle.
  4. Clear Act 3-4: Special Grendel Boss (Greenman -1st bar / Ghoul – 2nd bar) and Hector. Drops Gingerbread House.
  5. Clear Bandit Hideout and Forest of Magical Creatures Free Quests.
  6. Farm the House of Seven People Free quest for points until you reach the 170,000-point threshold for Act 4.

Bandit Hideout Free Quest (Lancer)Use Opulent Jade Mane CE (Cleopatra)

  • Wave 1: 3 x Tin Soldiers (Helter Skelters)
  • Wave 2: 2 X Tin Soldiers + Ugallu (Marchen)
  • Final: Tin Soldier + Bradamante
  • Drops Gingerbread Houses.
  • Gives Cinderella and Red Riding Hood Points.

Forest of Magical Creatures Free Quest (Saber)Use Little Tailors CE (Habetrot)

  • Wave 1: 3 x Scarecrow
  • Wave 2: 2 x Scarecrow + Chimera (Marchen)
  • Final: Scarecrow + Fergus
  • Drops Poison Apple.
  • Gives Snow White and Red Riding Hood Points.

House of Seven People Free Quest (Assassin)Use Little Tailors CE (Habetrot) and Opulent Jade Mane (Cleopatra)

  • Wave 1: 2 x Pumpkin Soldier + Helper Doll
  • Wave 2: Pumpkin Soldier + Helper Doll + Bicorn (Marchen)
  • Final: Hassan of Serenity + Helper Doll
  • Drops All Currencies.
  • Gives all three types of points.

Extra Quest – Jack and the Beanstalk (Clear Act 3 and reach 110k total points)

  • Single Wave: KingProtea + Greenman
  • Kingprotea has 4.7 Million HP(with 90% Damage Resist) while Greenman has 360K HP.
  • Defeating Greenman will kill Kingprotea and end the battle.

Extra Quest – Princess Kaguya (Clear Act 3 and reach 140k total points)

  • Single Boss: BB (Mooncancer) – 260k HP.
  • Has significant resistance to all types of damage and cannot be removed normally.
  • Put Beni-Enma on the frontline to dispel all of BB’s defensive boosts at the end of the turn.

Act 4

  1. Clear Act 4: Jacques de Molay (65k/162K HP Bars) + 97 x Pumpkin Knights. After breaking Jacques’ first bar, she will give buff the pumpkin knights with 1 turns invincibility and taunt. Defeat Jacques to end the battle.
  2. Farm Csejte Cinderella Castle Front and Cinderella’s Chambers until you reach the 260k point threshold for Act 5.

Csejte Cinderella Castle Front Free Quest (Berserker)Use Bare Kings CE (Leonidas)

  • Wave 1: 2 x Marchen + 1 Monkey
  • Wave 2: Marchen + Monkey + Vorpal Chicken
  • Final: Lancelot + Marchen
  • Drops Magic Sesame Seeds.
  • Gives Cinderella and Snow White Points

Cinderella’s Chambers Free Quest (Archer)Use Opulent Jade Mane CE (Cleopatra)

  • Wave 1: Pumpkin Knight + 2 x Pumpkin Skeletons
  • Wave 2: Pumpkin Skeleton + Pumpkin Knight + Soul Eater (Marchen)
  • Final: Pumpkin Skeleton + Orion.
  • Drops Gingerbread House.
  • Gives Cinderella and Red Riding Hood Points.

Extra Quest – The North Wind and Sun (Clear Act 4 and reach 200k total points)

  • Single wave of Tamamo (Caster) and Anastasia (Caster).
  • At the start of the battle, Party will be inflicted with 30% decrease in Defense and 50% reduction all card effectiveness for one turn (removeable).
  • On the 2nd Turn, Tamamo will boost your party with 30% attack and 50% Card Effectiveness increase.

Extra Quest – The Little Mermaid (Clear Act 4 and reach 230k total points)

  • Summer Kiara (Moon Cancer) – 155k / 300K HP.
  • Kiara has a permanent 2000 Damage Cut.
  • After 1st bar break, Kiara will have 3 – Hit Evasion and 30% attack boost.

Act 5

  1. Clear Act 5: Greenman (Berserker) 240k HP. Drops Gingerbread House.
  2. Clear West Forest and Strange Hut
  3. Farm any of the three locations: West Forest, Cinderella’s Chambers, or Cjeste Cinderella Castle Front until you reach the 350K point threshold for Act 6.

West Forest Free Quest (Lancer)Use Little Tailors CE (Habetrot)

  • Wave 1: 2 x Toy + Ghost
  • Wave 2: Toy + Ghost + Sphinx (Marchen)
  • Final: Toy + Nezha
  • Drops Poison Apples.
  • Gives Red Riding Hood and Snow White Points.

Strange Hut Free Quest (Assassin) – Use all three spawn bonus CE

  • Wave 1: 2 x Maiko Doll + Marchen
  • Wave 2: Pumpkin Gazer + Maiko Doll + Marchen Hand.
  • Final: Marchen + Kojiro
  • Drops all 3 currencies.
  • Gives all 3 point types.

Extra Quest – The Little Match Girl (Clear Act 5 and reach 300k total points)

  • Kiyohime(Berserker) – 155k / 276k HP + Leonida – 88K HP.
  • Attacking Kiyohime will inflict a 3-turn 500 HP burn on the attacker.
  • Breaking the first bar will increase Kiyohime’s attack by 50% and inflicts 2-turn 250 HP burn on bother sides and increase burn damage by 100%.
  • Leonidas will deal 50% more damage against enemies with Burn status.

Act 6

  1. Clear Act 6-1: Single wave of 3 with replacements in the following order: Chevalier d’Eon, Robin Hood, Watanabe no Tsuna, Bedivere. All 60K HP each. Enemies have 3-times 300,000 Damage Cut that will be removed after 3 turns.
  2. Clear Act 6-2: Morderd (Saber) – 112k / 134k HP. Battle ends after first bar break.
  3. Farm 450k to reach the final story. West Forest, Cinderella’s Chambers, and Cjeste Cinderella Castle Front are the recommended locations to farm. Choose the areas where you are the most behind in terms of points.

Extra Quest – The Old Man Who Made the Dead Trees Blossom (Clear Act 6 and reach 400k total points)

  • Yagyu Munenori – 185k / 334k HP.
  • Immune to NP Seal and Immobility Debuffs. Has an 80% reduction in NP Damage Demerit.
  • Will fully charge NP Bar at the start of the battle and at the end of every turn.

Part 7 – After Story

  1. Clear Act 7-1: Dark Young – 245k/ 294k HP. Battle Ends of 2 turns.
  2. Clear Act 7-2: Check below for details.
  3. Pick Option 1 for Act 7-3 Cutscene, otherwise it will repeat.
  4. Watch the Epilogue and Evil Omen Cutscenes to make Cinderella Elizabeth permanent and obtain a Holy Grail.
  5. Farm the new 90+ Free Quests to clear the point banner and the event shop.
  6. Clear the remaining Extra and Challenge Quests.

Act 7-2: Dark Young – 245k/ 294k HP

  • Has very high damage resistance that will be removed after turn 3.
  • Removes debuffs on self and increases NP bar by 1 tick every turn.
  • Breaking the first bar will give it a 20% chance to inflict death when attacking, 20% Critical Rate Increase, and 3-times Guts for 1000 HP and decreases all enemies attack by 30% for 5 Turns(Unremovable).

Forest of Magical Creatures Free Quest (Saber)Use Bare Kings CE (Leonidas)

  • Wave 1: Monkey + Snake
  • Wave 2: Monkey + Greenman (Marchen)
  • Final: Siegfried – 247k HP.
  • Best Drops for Magic Sesame Seeds.
  • Gives Cinderella and Snow White(Best) Points

Csejte Cinderella Castle Front Free Quest (Caster)Use Opulent Jade Mane CE (Cleopatra)

  • Wave 1: 2 x Oni + Pumpkin
  • Wave 2: Blue Pumpkin Oni
  • Final: Geronimo – 224K HP
  • Best Drops for Gingerbread House.
  • Gives Cinderella(Best) and Red Riding Hood Points

Cinderella’s Chambers Free Quest (Berserker)Use Little Tailors CE (Habetrot)

  • Wave 1: Toy Mecha Boar
  • Wave 2: 2 x Ghost + Scarecrow
  • Final: Cu Alter – 296K HP.
  • Best Drops for Poison Apple.
  • Gives Red Riding Hood(Best) and Snow White Points.

Extra Quest – Kasa Jizou (Clear Epilogue and reach 500k total points)

  • 6 x Thankful Jizou (Caster) – 60k HP + Jinako(Moon Cancer) – 237k HP.
  • Thankful Jizou have 20% Defense buff.
  • Jinako Boss drains team of 30% NP Charge, 30 Crit Stars, and increases its own NP by 2 bars and Crit Rate by 30%.

Extra Quest – The Emperor’s New Clothes (Clear Epilogue and reach 550k total points)

  • Single Boss: Gilgamesh (Archer) – 234K / 398K HP.
  • At the start of the battle, Gilgamesh gains 30% Attack, 30% Critical Rate, and 50% Debuff Resistance.
  • Breaking the first far will increase his NP bar by 1 every turn and increase his defense by 80% for 3 hits.

Extra Quest – Little Red Riding Hood (Clear Epilogue and reach 600k total points)

  • Single wave of Ghoul (167K HP), Arash (249K HP), and Werewolf(218K HP)
  • Ghoul decreases team’s attack by 30% and has invincibility as long as Arash is on the field.
  • Arash gives his allies Sure Hit and has infinite Guts while the Werewolf is on the field.
  • Werewolf buffs his team with 20% attack and decreases buff success rate to Female enemies.

Challenge Quest – Warrior Queen Zenobia

Zenobia (3 Bars) – 357K / 406K / and 794K HP

  • Immune to Sleep.
  • Activates Evade when inflicted with any immobility debuffs and increases NP by 1 bar every turn.
  • Remove defense buff from enemies when attacking.
  • On the first bar, Zenobia can buff all three card types, gain mental debuff immunity, increase critical rate, and pierce invincibility.
  • 2nd bar, Zenobia will have 100% Special Defense that will be reduced by 10% each time she is hit by different types of attacks, each attack can reduce her stack one every 3 turns.
  • The types of attacks include the following: NP Damage, Critical Damage, Quick Card, Arts Card, Buster Card, and Extra attack. Chain with different card and attack types to quickly reduce her defense.
  • Final bar, special defense mechanics will be removed from Zenobia and will gain 1-time 100,000 HP guts.
  • Zenobia will drain 1000 HP from all team members at the end of every turn.
  • Significantly will increase NP damage and Defense. Attacks will ignore defense. Reduces team’s card type resistance by 30%.

Event Free Quest Drop Rates

The best locations to farm will be the Level 90+ Nodes in the following areas:

  • Cinderella’s Chambers – Poison Apples and Red Riding Hood Marchen Points.
  • Csejte Cinderella Castle Front – Gingerbread House and Cinderella Marchen Points.
  • Forest of Magical Creatures – Magic Sesame Seeds and Snow White Marchen Points.