Land of Shadows Lotto Event Guide

Lotto farming for Feathers and Grail Front Battle game mode.

Shishou Fest Ends In


Event Guidelines

The Land of Shadows Event consists primarily of Lottery Farming and finally a brand new Grail Front Battle Mode that replaces the traditional challenge quest battles of the previous fall lotteries .

Your goal for this event is to grind Lotto for materials to power up your servants . 5* Scathach – Lancer receives a Strengthening Quest and a Costume for this event, this will be a great event for those have her.

Guidelines to follow

  • Clear all Free Quests at least once before rotation for the 1st time clear reward.
  • Event will provide Damage Bonus for all servants in the Event based on rarity. Starting with 20% for 5* servants, 30% for 4*, 40% for 3*, 45% for 2* and finally 50% for 1*and no rarity servants.
  • Avoid max limit breaking the Lotto Drop 5* Event CE – “Our Hearts Raise Up High” until you can fill up your slots after MLB.
  • The event is fairly straight forward in how it plays ie. clear the Prologue cutscene and farm the nodes for the lotto.
  • The new Grail Battle Front format is Turn based strategy game. You main goal is defeat the opposing enemy by defeating the master or wiping out all their servants.
  • Each Grail Battle will reward a brand new item – Tear of Holy Grail. These are Holy Grail fragments that can be combined into one Holy Grail when you have 7 pieces.
  • This lotto will be first to feature a new Legend(Level 90+) difficulty. This node will be one of the best for farming lotto currency and will also provide all 3 shop currencies in decent amounts. Players will no longer have to choose between farming boxes or clearing the event shop (Provided one can handle the difficulty and non-loopable format of the node).
  • The regular Lotto Drop only node like the previous Lotto Events will still be available and will have the same best lotto currency drop amounts.

NOTE: The Lotto Drop CE will give the equipped servant 1 time guts. If you’re using Chen Gong to farm, you will need to adapt your strategy to get around this issue.

Support Setup Recommendation

Players will mostly focus on maximum Lotto Currency gain therefore Support Casters such as Scathach and Caster Altria are preferred. 5* Caster Artoria with a MLB Lotto Drop Shop CE will be the primary support servant in use. There are no Challenge Quests or special boss battles in this event. Grail Front Battles rely entirely on the player’s servant and no friend support servant can be used here.

Land of Shadows Infograph

By Kevinrealk

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Event Walkthrough

Getting Started

  • Fit your team out for maximum lotto drop bonus with the Event Shop CE.
  • Legend difficulty is hands down the best node to farm. It provides the same amount of lotto currency as the Lotto drop only Hero Node with the additional of dropping all three shop currencies in moderate amounts.
  • Material drops are significantly better in Legends as well compared to the lower level nodes.
  • Legend nodes however have an irregular enemy wave formation that prevents you from loops e.g. 2 enemies on wave 1, 1 enemy on wave 2, and 3 enemies on wave 3.
  • You will need to combine an AOE NP Servant to handle the final wave along with another Servant to handle the first 2 waves of enemies.
  • Servants with NP Batteries will make it easier to 3 turn Legends. 50% Batteries are heavily favored in this format.
  • Servants with less than 50% battery can be compensated with the append skill that provides 20% starting NP charge when maxed out. If you’re going to be farming this event heavily, it would be worthwhile to consider a servant to append for the additional starting charge if necessary.
  • There is no Damage Bonus CE for this event, there is a universal damage bonus for all servants in this event. With lower rarities getting the higher bonus of up to 50% with the higher rarities getting the lower bonus down to 20%.
  • Rotations have irregular durations that end at the login reset time of 9 PM PDT, so plan accordingly based on your ascension material needs. Check the Drop Rates for details.
  • Rotation 1 will last 2 Days and 20 hours. (Start of the Event until 8/24 8:59 PM PDT)
  • Rotation 2 will last 3 days. (8/24 9:00 PM PDT – 8:27 8:59 PM PDT)
  • Rotation 3 will be the final rotation and will last 8 days. (8/27 9:00 PM PDT – End of the Event)

Click each part below for detailed walkthrough

Term 1 Legend(8/21 – 8/24)

  1. 2 Rider Class Minions on first wave – 48,936 HP and 29,402 HP.
  2. 1 Rider Class Demon Boar on second wave – 101,895 HP.
  3. 2 Lancer Class Servants on Final wave – Cu Chulainn(201,722 HP) & Scathach(120,082 HP)

Both Lancer bosses will make good use of their evasion skills, especially Cu with his 3 hit evasion. So make sure you one shot them booth or have Invul Pierce/Sure Hit ready.

Recommendation for farming.

  • Have an AOE Servant(With an NP Battery) that can handle both the 1st wave and final wave. An AOE Berserker or Saber would be ideal as wave 1 should be trivial to kill without class advantage.
  • A single target Servant(Assassin/Berserker with NP Battery) recommended to handle the Demon Boar.
  • Support Servants that provide Teamwide NP Charge along with a targeted NP Charge such as Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi, Caster Artoria, etc will be handle at filling both your AOE and ST NP Servants. Caster Artoria is the best overall as she provides a teamwide 30% bonus compared to 20% Teamwide from other support servants.
  • Combat plugsuit is necessary for 3-turning. You will want to swap out support servant for the next support servant once you use up their buffs.
  • General Formation in this order: ST NP Servant / AOE NP Servant / Personal Support Servant / Friend Support Servant.
  • Use teamwide NP Charge Boost to fill both Damage Dealers and use the Targeted NP Charge on the AOE Servant to let the servant fire twice.

Term 2 Legend – (8/24 – 8/27)

  1. 1 Corrupted God(Assassin) – 104,641 HP on Wave 1.
  2. 3 Hassans (Assassin) ~ 20,000 – 30,000 HP each on Wave 2.
  3. Summer Ushiwakamaru(Assassin) – 201,222 HP and Summer Scathach(Assassin) – 121,030 HP.

Less annoying to deal with compared to the previous rotation. The only things you need to really look out for is that Ushiwakamaru self charges her NP Bar and evades. Scathach will draw all attacks to herself and will pierce invincibility.

Arts/Quick Looping is the easiest in this node due to having a 3 enemy wave right before the final wave. In fact this node is the probably the easiest to 3 turn.

  • Single Target Alter Ego/Berserker/Caster for the 1st wave enemy.
  • AOE Arts Casters such as the freely available Sieg excels here.
  • Combined with Friend Support Castoria and Arts/NP Gain Support such as Paracelsus, Nero Bride, Asclepius, it should be rather trivial to refund enough NP from the 2nd wave to use on the Final wave.

Final Legend – (8/27 – 9/04)

  1. Elder Ghoul(Berserker) – 69,589 HP for Wave 1.
  2. Demon (Berserker) – 103,897 HP for Wave 2.
  3. Caenis(Lancer) – 191,280 HP and Scathach(Lancer) – 118,600 HP for Final Battle.

Caenis doesn’t have anything special other than hitting hard and having an AOE NP. Scathach will be the same as 1st rotation.

This node is more Single Target Focus but luckily the first two enemies are Berserkers so killing them is rather simple. You can Face Card the first wave then ST NP second wave followed up with an AOE NP on the final wave.

  • Single Target NP Servant with some Self Sufficient Critical skills such as Saber Lancelot work well at killing both solo enemies.
  • An AOE Saber to wipe out both Lancers in the final wave. You don’t need to worry about refund looping here.
  • Support servants that can provide NP charge and Critical Support.

Event Free Quest Drop Rates

  • Both Hero and Legend will drop the same amount of lotto currency.
  • The primary difference would be ascension materials.
  • Legend has significantly better drop rates for materials than the Hero.
  • However, if you don’t need any of the materials from Legend, then you can’t go wrong with farming the Hero node.
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