Saint Valentino Event Guide


Event Guidelines

Saint Valentino! Chaldea Bitter Valentine’s 2023 Event is a Point Banner Event, play the event to gather points and earn some big rewards.

Your goal for this event is to clear daily Bitter Challenge Quests, farm Free Quests, and complete the main event story. Holy Grail will be rewarded to every player who completes the Main Event Story.

Guidelines to follow

  • Run on Natural AP until the one-week time lock lifts (~Feb 18th)
  • Farm 3 million Love Points to get all the special rewards for this event.
  • You can pick two servants to receive the following boost – Super Lock on Chocolate (Strawberry and Blueberry) – will grant the gifted servant a 50% Damage and 30% Bond point bonus for the event.
  • Special Daily Bitter challenges that provide Love Points + QP and will only last for 24 hours before disappearing.
  • Event Shop will provide 4 copies of “White Garden” Craft Essences. One will need to be obtained from quest drops in order to Max Limit Break.
  • White Garden CE will boost your Love Point gain by 30% each. After Max Limit Break, the bonus will increase to 60%
  • Make sure to buy out the Event Shop CE’s ASAP and fill the slots on your team.
  • Valentines Chocolate CEs from Servants will provide 10% bonus to Love Point gain.
  • Special Voiced Cutscenes for every servant in the game using either the Surprise or Lock-On Chocolate.
  • Previous Valentine’s Event Chocolate CE’s must be discarded prior to unlocking this event’s special cutscenes.
  • Be aware that the game will download data for each cutscenes. A total of 10.9 Gb of data if you have every servant in the game for the valentines cutscenes. You can perform a full game data download in the settings if you wish to avoid downloading for each cutscene event.

NOTE: Valentines Events do not get reruns. If you miss the chance to Max Limit Break the White Garden CE, you may never get another chance again.

Support Setup Recommendation

Players will mostly focus on maximum Love Point bonus along with damage bonus therefore Support Casters with White Garden 5* CE are preferred. There is no special servant drop bonus. Only Caren Hortensia and Avenger Angra Mainyu get a damage and bond bonus. Super Lock-on Chocolate Bonuses do not apply for Support Servants.

Chaldea Gurus Video Guide

Saint Valentino Infograph

By Kevinrealk

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Event Walkthrough

Getting Started

  • Run on Natural AP until the one week time lock lifts (~Feb 18th)
  • Special Super Lock-on Chocolate – Strawberry and Blueberry will grant the gifted servant a 50% Damage and 30% Bond point bonus for the event.
  • You will receive the Super Lock-on Chocolates at the beginning of the event, you provide this boost two only 2 servants for this event so pick wisely. Once the bonuses are applied, you cannot change it.
  • Make sure to buy out the Event Shop CE’s ASAP and fill the slots on your team.
  • Max Limit Breaking the Event CE is recommended as you can use Valentine Chocolate CE to make up for the loss of bonus and you will need the spare slots for NP CEs on Bitter Challenge Quests. Your friends will love you for it as well.
  • Setup 2 teams: one for farming Free Quests and another for clearing the Daily Bitter Challenge Quest.
  • Daily Bitter Challenge Quests only last 24 hours, make sure you clear then before they expire!
  • For Bitter Challenge Quests, defeat as many enemies as possible in 3 turns (27 total enemies) to get points.
  • Enemies will instantly replace the ones that get defeated. You can destroy as many enemies as you have attacks.
  • Special “God Cartridges” can be used in Bitter Challenges. Reduces a single target’s Defense, NP resist, Card Type (Art, Buster, and Quick) Resist by 100% each.
  • The God Cartridges will be handy in killing tougher enemies and getting more NP refund as it will generate will more overkill np gain bonus and card resist reduction directly increases np gain on Quick and Arts NP.
  • Utilizing suicidal servants such as Chen Gong and Arash with Chaldea Combat Uniform will help you get massive number of kills before the turns run out.
  • Paracelsus comes extremely handy in this event has he can provide NP generation and Arts Up Bonus along with an 80% NP Battery to turn-1 NP.
  • You can withdraw from Bitter Challenge Quests and retry if you are not satisfied with how, your run turns out. Make sure you do so before the end of turn 3.
  • It would be worth it to utilize command seals to refill NP gauge to clear additional waves on Bitter Challenge Quests. 1 will refill per day so you can use at least one per Bitter Challenge.
  • Bitter Challenge Quests will provide a substantial amount of QP as well, you can choose to exchange Love Point Bonus for QP Bonus if you are willing to make up for it in farming more Free Quests.

Click each part below for detailed walkthrough

Day 1 – Start of the Event

  1. Clear Act 1 and 2
  2. Carefully pick which two servants you will use for clearing Free Quests and Bitter Challenges. Once you have given the super chocolates to them, there is no turning back.
  3. Clear Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Free Quest
  4. Maximize Point Bonus/Wave Clearing and clear the Daily Bitter Challenge Quest.

Day 2 – Feb 13th 8 PM PST

  1. Clear Act 3
  2. Farm the new free quest – First Love for Feathers.
  3. Clear the Daily Bitter Challenge Quest

Day 3 – Feb 14th 8 PM PST

  1. Clear Act 4
  2. Farm Pure Love Free Quest as it provides the best drops for Feathers.
  3. Clear the Daily Bitter Challenge Quest.

Day 4 – Feb 15th 8 PM PST

  1. Clear Act 5.
  2. Farm Sweet Love Free Quest for the best Harp Drops.
  3. Clear the Daily Bitter Challenge Quest.

Day 5 – Feb 16th 8 PM PST

  1. Clear Act 6.
  2. Farm Passionate Love Free Quest for the best Arrow drops.
  3. Clear the Daily Bitter Challenge Quest.

Day 6 – Feb 17th 8 PM PST

  1. Clear Act 7.
  2. Clear Foreign Love – this node only gives Love Points, unnecessary for farming as you’ll have plenty of points by just playing daily and doing all the bitter challenge quests.
  3. Farm any of the previous 3 Free Quest nodes for Event Shop Currency.
  4. Clear the Daily Bitter Challenge Quest.


  1. Clear Act 8 and Finale and receive a Holy Grail.
  2. Clear Universal Love.
  3. Clear the Daily Bitter Challenge Quest.

After Story

At this point you can farm one of the following nodes:

  • Universal Loves provides the 2nd highest Love Points after Foreign Love, but provides only half the currency drops that Pure, Sweet, and Passionate do for their respective shop currencies.
  • Universal Love would best for those who do not have much Gacha Event Craft Essences.
  • Otherwise, it would be better to farm the previous nodes.
  • As long as you remember to clear your daily bitter challenge quests use your natural AP for farming Free Quests, you should easily reach the required 3 million Love Points for the Rewards Banner.

Event Free Quest Drop Rates