Little Big Tengu

Receive a Free Servant – Kiichi Hogen for completing this event.


Event Guidelines

Farewell to Kamakura – Little Big Tengu is 100 Mission Reward Banner event that rewards you with 4* Assassin Kiichi Hogen as a free servant for completing the event.

Your goal for this event is play through the event by clearing missions and completing the main event story. 4* Assassin – Kiichi Hogen is the first Quick AOE Assassin that can reliably 3-turn loop with Double Skadi. She is a worthy servant for majority of the player base.

Guidelines to follow

  • Run on Natural AP until the first week (the last content will unlock on Jan 24th at login reset)
  • The Free Event CE “Sewing a Beloved Doll” provides 20% bonus to spawn for Warrior enemies in Free Quests. Max limit breaking with increase the value to 50%. All 5 copies can be obtained without relying on spawn drops. 4 in the Event shop and 1 in the Mission reward banner after clearing Story Section 5.
  • A combat booster will be available to players in the form of Mini-Servants. These supports do not use a team support slot, but instead will act as a random skill that activates at the start of the battle. They can be augmented for greater potency using “Tengu’s light” candles to power up. These candles can be obtained from clearing Missions.
  • Kiichi Hogen will receive double EXP and 50% more bond for this event. Place her in your team and have embers reserved for her as missions require you to raise her bond and ascension levels.
  • Kiichi Hogen requires the completion of the main story to made permanent. A temporary copy will be given to players at the start of the event.

NOTE: There will be less reruns starting on the 6th year of FGO. This event has yet to be rerun in JP after nearly two years. Make sure you to have this event cleared before it expires.

Support Setup Recommendation

Players will mostly focus on get 100% Spawn bonus therefore Support Casters or Artoria with Max limit broken CE “Sewing a Beloved Doll” is desired. There is no significant event bonus besides damage and bond point bonus for specific servants.

Little Big Tengu Infograph

By Kevinrealk

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Event Walkthrough

Getting Started

  • Run on Natural AP until the one-week time lock lifts (Jan 24th)
  • Purchase the CEs from the Shop and place them into your team as soon as possible as the warrior enemies will be need for mission progress and will provide additional rewards.
  • Max Limit breaking the provided event CE is recommended as long as you have supports with them as well. 2 MLB Event CE’s will provide a 100% guaranteed bonus to spawns. Going beyond 100% does nothing.
  • Having a 100% spawn bonus increases event currency and ascension material drops by up to 50%. Make sure you can get 100% bonus ASAP.
  • Majority of the Main Story Quests will be cutscenes. Therefore, you can focus your teams for clearing the free quests.
  • Make sure you place Kiichi Hogen into your team. Missions will require her to reach Bond 3, ascend 3 times, and completed 20 quests with her in the team.
  • Your priority will be to clear out missions as quickly as possible and clear Event Story Quests in order unlock more rewarding nodes.
  • This is an easy, but grindy event. Most players will be able to clear all the quests without resorting to using the event damage bonuses.
  • The Mini Servant supports will randomly buff your team with effects based on which mini servant activates. It is helpful but not something you should necessarily rely on.

Click each part below for detailed walkthrough

Section 1 & 2

  1. Clear Section 1 and immediate add Kiichi Hogen to your team.
  2. Clear Section 2 (1/2).
  3. Farm Southern Hill 3 times to complete mission 9 to unlock Northern Hill Free Quest.
  4. Clear Northern Hill once.
  5. Farm Southern Hill 4 more times to clear Mission 11 to unlock the final half of Section 2.
  6. Clear Section 2 (2/2).

Whenever you have enough event currency, immediately go to the Event Shop and purchase the 5* Event CE and place it into your team.

Unless you get lucky you will need to wait until after clearing Section 5 to obtain the final copy of the Event CE to MLB. In the meanwhile, you can go with the following options to obtain 100% spawn rate:

  • 3 of your own Event CE + MLB Event CE from support.
  • 4 of your own Event CE + non-MLB Event CE from support.
  • Later on – your own MLB Event CE + MLB Event CE from support.

Section 3

  1. Clear Section 3 (1/2).
  2. Farm Csejte Village 4 times.
  3. Clear Riverside Fort once to clear Mission 32 to unlock Village Cemetery.
  4. Clear Village Cemetery to clear Mission 13 to unlock the final half of Section 3.
  5. Clear Section 3 (2/2) to unlock Csejte Castle.
  6. Farm Csejte Castle 3 time to clear Mission 41 to lock the next area for Section 4.

Section 4

  1. Clear Section 4 (1/2).
  2. Farm Daybreak Beach 4 times to clear Mission 15 to unlock Sunset Beach.
  3. Farm Sunset Beach 3 times to clear Mission 17 to unlock the final half of Section 4.
  4. Clear Section 4 (2/2) to unlock Twilight Beach.
  5. Farm Twilight Beach 3 times to clear Mission 19 to unlock next area for Section 5.

Section 5

  1. Clear Section 5 (1/2).
  2. Farm Atop Fleecy Clouds 4 times to clear Mission 21 to unlock Atop Cumulonimbus.
  3. Clear Atop Cumulonimbus once to clear Mission 24 to unlock the final half of Section 5.
  4. Clear Section 5 (2/2) which should clear Mission 39 to unlock End of the Sea of Clouds.
  5. Clear End of the Sea of Clouds once to unlock the next area for Section 6.

Section 6

  1. Clear Section 6 (1/2).
  2. Farm Main Street 2 times to clear Mission 43 to unlock Harbor’s Street.
  3. Clear Harbor’s Street once to clear Mission 65 to unlock the final half of Section 6.
  4. Clear Section 6 (2/2) which should clear Mission 68 to unlock Skyscraper.
  5. Clear Skyscraper once to unlock the next area for Section 7 & 8.

Section 7 & 8 – Final

Section 7 and 8 will be available to clear. There are only a total of 2 battles you need to clear.

Section 7-2

Fatal Battle 1/1Karasu Tengu
21,546 HP
Taira no Kagekiyo
250,986 HP
297,780 HP
Karasu Tengu
23,733 HP
  • There are 99 Karasu Tengu in this battle, when one on the field dies, another one will come in to replace it.
  • Taira no Kagekiyo apply Genji Trait to your entire team.
  • She will deal additional damage and take additional damage from Genji trait servants.
  • You only need to clear her 1st bar to end the battle.

Section 7-4

Grand Battle 1/1Taira no Kagekiyo
103,464 HP
120,708 HP
Overflowing Kagekiyo
95,266 HP

At the start of the battle, all party members receive the Genji trait and are buffed with permanent Attack Up, Defense Up, and will evade 4 hits.

All enemies will be debuffed with permanent Critical Damage Down, Curse and Attack Down.

Both Taira and Overflowing Kagekiyo will have the following affects (Permanent and Unremovable):

  • Critical Change Down.
  • Damage Up against Genji enemies.
  • Defense down against attacks from Genji enemies.

Taira no Kagekiyo, after breaking her first bar will receive the following effects:

  • Deals even more damage against Genji trait targets.
  • Inflict 3 turn curse with every normal attack.

After you have cleared all battles and cutscenes, you will receive a Holy Grail and Kiichi Hogen will be permanent.

Post Story

  1. We will be working out on clearing out all the remaining missions in order to unlock the challenge quest.
  2. Clear Mission 16 – Centaur Kills by farming Daybreak Beach 4 times.
  3. Clear Mission 18 – Sea Demon Kills by farming Sunset Beach 3 times.
  4. Clear Mission 20 – Hermit Crab Kills by farming Twilight Beach 3 times.
  5. Clear Mission 77 – 10 Csejte Castle Quests by farming Village Graveyard twice.
  6. Clear Mission 22 – Blade Insect Kills by farming Atop Fleecy Clouds 4 times.
  7. Clear Mission 49 – Lancer Servant Kills by farming Skyscraper twice.
  8. Clear Mission 46 – Archer Servant Kills by farming Harbor Street 4 times.
  9. Farm Yoritomo’s Grave twice.
  10. Clear Sarubatake once.
  11. Clear Mission 63 – Lawful Servant Kills by farming Kamakura Mountain Road 4 times.
  12. Clear Mission 81 – 10 Kamakura Quests by farming either Yoritomo’s Grave, Sarubatake, or Mountain Road 6 times.
  13. Complete the remaining missions 10 (Werewolf kills), 12 (Wyvern kills), and 37 (Beast kills) by farming Southern Hills 6 times.

-Challenge Quest Work in Progress

Event Free Quest Drop Rates – Work in Progress

  • Kamakura Mountain Road will provide the best overall in terms of all event currency and materials.
  • Alternatives for farming a single event currency are Sarubatake, Yoritomo’s Grave, and Skyscraper.
  • In terms of efficiency, the Free Quest does not have as good as of a material drop chance that Singularity free quests do. But they should be considered since you have to grind for Mission Requirement and Event Currency.
  • Tables below assume 100% spawn bonus which increase the overall yield by up to 50%. You must have 2 MLB Event CEs on your team for optimal farming.

-Drop Rate Charts will be added soon.