FGO Christmas 2022 Event Guide


Event Guidelines

The Glorious Path to Santa Claus – The Sealed Christmas Present is a Lottery Farming Event; players have the opportunity to farm for as much materials as they can during this event.

Your goal for this event is completed the main quests and farm lotto boxes. 4* Saber – Santa Karna will be rewarded to players who manage to complete the event’s main quest story.

Guidelines to follow

  • Run on Natural AP until the one-week time lock lifts (~Dec 17th)
  • Santa Karna will be given to you as a temporary copy at the start of the event, you must clear the event story through main quests to make him permanent.
  • Ascension materials for Santa Karna can be obtained from the first 5 lottery boxes in the Event Shop.
  • You will receive a Holy Grail for completing the Event Story.
  • You will need to open at least 20 lotto boxes and clear all special Fighting Quests to obtain all rewards.
  • Start off on buying out the Shop CE’s then immediately focus on Lotto Grind. The final free quest node – “Super Heavyweight” will provide you with the best lotto drops and provide shop currency at the same time.
  • Lotto boxes will give you the following ascension materials: Horseshoe, Seed, Void Dust, and Cerebrospinal Fluid.
  • Each lotto boxes will give you Special exchange ticket that you can exchange for one of the following materials: Blood Tearstone, Spiritrons, and Ancient Bells.
  • New 100 Lotto Roll Option will allow you to quickly roll boxes and be able to fit larger stacks of EXP cards into your inventory box. A significant savings in time and inventory management.

NOTE: Santa Karna will receive a double EXP and 50% bond point bonus in this event. Put him on your team for the faster bond grind. Lancer class servants will be favored for farming this event.

Support Setup Recommendation

Players will mostly focus on maximum Solar Hand Wrap Lotto Bonus for this event, therefore Support Casters or Artoria with Cherry Icicle 5* CE are preferred.

Christmas 2022 Infograph

By Kevinrealk

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Event Walkthrough

Getting Started

  • Run on Natural AP until the one-week time lock lifts (~Dec 17th)
  • Avoid Max limit breaking Cherry Icicle Craft Essence until you have enough left to fill the remaining slots.
  • Focus on clearing the Main Story Quests to unlock the new free quests get released daily.
  • Each new Free Quest will be better for farming compared to the previous.
  • The Box Festival quest requires Christmas Gongs to run. This node is only worth clearing for the first-time clear reward. You can worry about clearing this after you finish the Main Story Questline.
  • Clear the available Main Quest. Then farm the newest Free Quest until you get enough Lotto Currency to get the amount of Christmas Gongs needed to do the available fighting quests. Then clear the fighting quests for Black Presents needed to unlock the next Main Quest.
  • After Dec 17th Login reset, you can choose between farming either the Heavyweight or Super Heavyweight Free Quest for optimal lotto farming.
  • You should go ahead and spent all the AP Fruits you have for this event. It is absolutely worth it and there won’t be another Lottery Event until around Summer/Spring 2023.

Event Free Quest Drop Rates

  • In terms of efficiency, the Free Quest does not have as good of a material drop chance as Singularity free quests. Farm it primarily for the Lotto Currency, the material drops can be considered a bonus.
  • Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight nodes give virtually identical Lotto Drop rates. Heavyweight is easier to loop farm. Super Heavyweight requires Combat Uniform Mystic Code swapping to 3-turn, but it has better Ascension Material drop rates and it provides Event Shop Currency as well.