Obsolete CE Guide 2023

FGO 6th Anniversary Triple Success Rate will end in:



(Currently for June 2023 – Anniversary) This guide lists Event CEs that have already had their re-runs completed. I will continue to update it as events have their re-run versions completed. It’s usually best to get rid of these CEs during increased success rate campaigns so you can get the most experience when using them to power up your other CEs.

This guide will list CEs that are generally not worth keeping around for long-term use, as well as CEs that you should definitely keep and potentially power up to level 100 if you are able to. However, you are free to choose whatever you want to do with the CEs in your inventory.

Event Craft Essences are separated into three general status categories:

  • Dispose: CE that possess subpar effects and/or inferior to other event craft essences. Will no longer have bonus in any upcoming events.
  • Situational: CE that may have potential use for the player depending on their needs and what other CEs they currently have or do not have.
  • Keep: CE that you generally should keep as they will be needed in a rerun and/or have very potent effects. A number of these CEs are worth leveling up to 100 due to the combination of strong effects and optimized stat distribution.

Guidelines to follow

  • On July 2nd, FGO will have its 6th Anniversary. Super and Great Success Chances when enhancing Servants and CEs will be increased to 3 times the base chance. The increase in rate for Super Success is from 10% to 30% and Great Success is from 2% to 6%.
  • There is no point in keeping Valentines Chocolate CE’s, use them as CE EXP as you can get them again on the next Valentines Event.
  • You can save QP from powering up CE by stuffing all your EXP into 1 Star CEs as storage aka CE Bomb. Then feeding your CE Bombs to your higher grade 4-5 star CE’s. The higher the rarity of the CE, the higher the costs to level the CE.
  • MAX Bond CEs now have a special insignia on them, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally mistaking them for Valentine’s CEs and losing them
  • Past lottery events are being rerun. Make sure you keep your Lotto Event CEs starting with Nero Fest 2019, which will be coming soon this July, for any lotto events that have not had their official rerun yet..

NOTE: Increased Success Rate Events are usually held on Anniversary, New Years, Thanksgiving, and Download Campaigns.