Saber Wars 2

One of the greatest servants in the game is here!

5* Avenger - Space Ishtar

Event Ends in:


Event Guidelines

Saber Wars 2 Event consists primarily of <mark>Artorium Special Currency</mark>, <mark>Bounty Quests</mark>, and finally a <mark>100 Mission Reward Banner</mark>.

Your goal for this event is play through the event by clearing missions and grinding Artorium currency in order to unlock special Bounty and Story Quests.<mark> 5* Avenger - Space Ishtar </mark> is one of the best farming servants in the game currently in JP, I highly recommend you try to pull for her as she will become extremely capable when 5th Anniversary comes.

<mark>Guidelines you need to follow for this event:</mark>

  • Clear all available main quests available then run Bounty/Free Quests to clear mission requirements.
  • Optimize grinding for Artorium Currency in order to unlock special quests for story progression.
  • Grind Free Quests to clear Mission Requirements. New Free Quests can be obtained by clearing new main quests locations or by clearing specific mission requirements
  • Special Goddess Scripture quests will show up during your progress of the game. These are simple cutscene quests that you need to watch in order to unlock new quests and missions.
  • Just like the previous Saber Wars event, there will be Damage Bonus for specific servants and the free event CE's will provide damage boosts to either an individual servant or the entire team.
  • Make sure to save a specific amount of Artorium to unlock a story quest during the specific time period.
  • Bounty quests are helpful for clearing mission progress, but are secondary to main quest progress until you get to the last chapter.
  • Finale of the event is time-locked until a week into the event, so pace yourself and don't rush too quickly.

NOTE: Mysterious Heroine X will have a special strengthening quest that is only available in this event. Make sure not to miss it or else you will have to wait until the rerun to have another chance.

Support Setup Recommendation

Players will mostly focus on maximum Artorium bonus along with damage bonus therefore <mark> Support Casters or Artoria with Bestia Del Sol 5* CE </mark> are preferred. 5* OG Saber Artoria is the only servant in this event that provides you with bonus Artorium(+2). All other bonus servants merely have a damage and bond point event bonus.

Saber Wars 2 Infograph by Kevinrealk

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Event - Getting Started

  • <mark> Run on Natural AP until the one week time lock lifts (~Oct 24th) </mark>
  • Avoid MLB either of the two 5* Event CE's Provided until you can fill up your slots after MLB. It is recommended that once you get all the copies, you may MLB the 5* Songstress (Stheno & Euryale) CE but keep Bestia Del Sol as separate copies.
  • The event is fairly straight forward in how it plays ie. clear main quests and farm the new free quests that unlocks for requirements. A detailed walkthrough is present below this section.
  • Make sure to buy out the Event Shop CE's ASAP and fill the slots on your team.
  • You will be able to obtain 5 guaranteed copies of both Songstress and Bestia Del Sol CE's.
  • <mark>Start off on buying out the Shop CE's then immediately focus on Artorium Grind.</mark> the better currency nodes happen much later in the game.
  • Make sure to save the indicated Artorium amount for each stage of the walkthrough in order to progess.

Check below for detailed walkthrough

Event Walkthrough

Start of the Event - Texas

  1. Watch the initial Overturn and Crawl Cutscenes and enjoy the Star Wars parody.
  2. Clear Texas Beyond I and II Main Quests.
  3. Farm Texas Beyond Free Quest until you clear (M)ission 12 - 25 Humanoid Enemies and have 150 Artorium.
  4. Clear Texas Beyond III Main Quest.
  5. Unlock To Sea of Stars Quest for 150 Artorium in the Event Shop and clear it.
  6. Clear Tour Manual.

Bounty Quests available at this stage(Do them only if you have excess Artorium):

Available after clearing M10 - Kill 10 hoodlums.

  • Saint Martha Bounty(needed for late stage story progress) for 110 Artorium.
  • Space Onigiri Bounty for 70 Artorium.
  • Skull Keeper Bounty for 90 Artorium.

Part 2 - Big Blue Tank.

  1. You'll encounter your first Goddess Script Cutscene here, just watch it to unlock Big Blue Tank.
  2. Clear Big Blue Tank I
  3. Farm Big Blue Free Quest until you clear M56 - Kill 5 Strength A Servants and have 200 Artorium.
  4. Clear Big Blue Tank II
  5. Unlock To Sea of Super Shortcut Scooter for 200 Artorium in the Event Shop and clear it.
  6. Clear Abandoned Beast Cosmo-Boar.
  7. Farm Texas Beyond until you clear M16 & M17 - Kill 20 & 40 Man Attribute Enemies.

Bounty Quests available at this stage(Do them only if you have excess Artorium):

Available after clearing M16 & M17 - Kill 20 & 40 Man Attribute Enemies.

  • Caesar Origin Bounty for 130 Artorium.
  • Twin Pirates Bounty for 70 Artorium.

Part 3 - Abyss Sargasso and Death Csejte.

  1. Clear Abyss Sargasso I.
  2. Farm Abyss Sargasso until you have cleared M64 - Kill 5 Luck A Servants and 400 Artorium.
  3. Clear Abyss Sargasso II.
  4. Goddess Scripture Cutscene should be available, just watch it to proceed.
  5. Unlock To ECO Mode Driving for 400 Artorium in the Event Shop and clear it.
  6. Clear Venusian Hell Eli-chan.

Bounty Quests available at this stage:

Available after clearing M29 - Kill 40 Demonic Enemies.

  • Good Wife Cos-Tamamo(Needed for late story progress) for 180 Artorium.
  • Space Cat Special Bounty for 200 Artorium.

Available after clearing M29 - Kill 40 Demonic Enemies.

  • King Elichan Special Bounty for 500 Artorium (probably hold this off for later).

Part 4 - Queens High School

  1. Clear Queens High School I.
  2. Farm Texas Beyond again until you have cleared M21 - Kill 40 Earth Enemies.
  3. Clear Queens High School II.
  4. Clear Zenjo Free Quest Once.
  5. If Death Csejte Free Quest is still not unlocked, then Farm Texas Beyond until you clear M14 - 100 Humanoid Enemies.
  6. Farm Death Csejte until you 500 Artorium and done it at least 5 times.
  7. Unlock Farewell My Springtime Alma-Mater for 500 Artorium in the Event Shop and clear it.
  8. Clear Demonic-Horned Dragon Alastor.

Bounty Quests available at this stage(Do them only if you have excess Artorium):

Available after clearing M24 - Kill 20 Sky Enemies.

  • Ms. Paopei for 220 Artorium.
  • Mischievous Abi-Chan for 260 Artorium.

Part 5 - Green Kitchen

  1. Clear Green Kitchen I.
  2. Farm Green Kitchen until you have cleared M71 - Kill 15 Brynhildr's Beloved Servants.
  3. Clear Green Kitchen II.
  4. Farm Green Kitchen until you cleared M30 - 60 Demonic Enemies.
  5. Farm Sadhana Planet Celtont 5 times.
  6. Farm Phantasmal Planet Caribou 5 times.
  7. Unlock Premonition of Saber Wars for 700 Artorium in the Event Shop and clear it.
  8. Clear Cosmic Kaiju Kingprotea.

Bounty Quests available at this stage(Do them only if you have excess Artorium):

Available after clearing M32 & M33 - Kill 10-15 Large Enemies.

  • Poison Chef Bounty for 280 Artorium.
  • Lonely Okita(needed for late stage story progress) Bounty for 320 Artorium.
  • Space Toshizo Special Bounty for 350 Artorium.

Part 6 - Story Finale

  1. Clear Dark Maanna and the available parts of Red Rose.
  2. If you haven't cleared Martha, Cos-Tamama, and/or Lonely Okita Bounties. You need to clear them all at this point.
  3. Cleared all three of the bounties to clear Mission 3 to unlock Demi Fett Bounty.
  4. Unlock Demi Fett Bounty for 400 Artorium and clear it.
  5. Remaining Red Rose section will unlock and the remaining Goddess Scripture will show up in this location, so keep an eye out for it.
  6. Clear Red Rose Final Battles.
  7. Watch the End Credits cutscene to complete the story and receive your Holy Grail.

Part 7 - After Story

  1. Grind out your mission requirements and clear out any remaining bounty quests you have.
  2. Dark Maanna and Vagrant Planet Arton covers an enormous variety of missions you will have remaining. So go ahead and grind them out. Make sure you have also done 5 quests in every location for mission requirements.
  3. Once you have 800 Artorium, unlock Genesis of the Universe and watch the cutscene to unlock the Special Strengthening Quest.
  4. Make sure to clear the special strengthen quest for MHX as it is ONLY AVAILABLE IN THIS EVENT.
  5. Once you have cleared Missions 1-98, Galaxy Guardian CQ will unlock.
  6. Dark Rounds Shadow CQ will unlock after clearing Galaxy Guardian at the cost of 1000 Artorium.
  7. Now you're all set! Congrats on completing the event and I hope you got Space Ishtar!

Event Free Quest Drop Rates

  • All Free Quest nodes drop Artorium. Maximize your teams to take advantage of it.
  • Artorium base amount approximate for the following: ~50 (Texas Beyond, Big Blue Tank, Abyss Sargasso), ~60 (Zenjo, Green Kitchen, Dark Mana), and ~74(Death Csejte, Caribou, Celtont, and Arton).
  • You can MLB Binary Star Songstress <mark>but keep Bestia Del Sol as separate copies to maximize Artorium and Team Damage Bonus. </mark>
  • All Free Quest nodes in this event cost 40 AP.
  • In terms of efficiency, the Free Quest does not have as good as of a material drop chance that Singularity free quests do. But they should considered since you have to grind for Mission Requirement and Event Currency.
  • <mark> Eggs are a rather difficult material to obtain from singularity quests. It would be worth farming Vagrant Planet Arton for Eggs along with other event currency</mark>

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