Scathach-Skadi Guide

Preparing for Skadi and using Skadi to her full potential.

About Scathach-Skadi

This section covers details about Scathach-Skadi. Click here to know more about the new and upcoming servant coming for the 3rd Anniversary of Fate/Grand Order!

Scathach-Skadi, like other top tier support casters, will require her to have all her skills upgraded to the max. Click here to find out how to obtain the materials required to unlock her full potential!

Skadi System

In order to make full use of Skadi, you will need the right Servants and Craft Essences. Click here to see details about what Servants and Craft Essences would bring out the greatest effect.

Getting to Know about Scathach-Skadi

After 3 years, Quick Servants will finally have a dedicated support servant to bring out their fullest potential. It will be best to summon for her on the 3rd Anniversary Celebration of FGO, otherwise you may have to wait 1.5 years for her to return again.

3 Turn Quick and Quick Critical Damage Buff for an ally
  • Quick Effectiveness buff allows not only an increase in Quick Damage but also directly increases the NP and Star Generation of Quick Cards.
  • This allows Quick AOE Noble Phantasms to generate enough NP to be able to fire again when paired with Skadi's NP Battery Charge.
  • For years Quick Cards have been considered a joke, dealing only half the damage of Buster Cards and barely out damaging a regular Buster Card when landing Critical Hits.
  • The Quick Critical Damage Buff fixes this issue when combined with the damage boost from Quick Effectiveness Up.
  • Last but not least, when dealing Critical Damage, Quick Cards will deal significant damage and generate insane amounts of NP and Stars.
  • This lets Single Target Quick Servants be able to perform an NPQQ Brave Crit Chain and regain enough Stars and NP to perform it again the next turn.
50% Targeted NP Battery Charge
  • Being able to fill half of an NP Bar with a single skill is a huge bonus, even for servants that don't make much use of Skadi's Quick Buffs.
  • This skill combined with the Quick Buffs allows 3 Turn NP Looping for Farming Nodes with various Quick AOE Servants.
  • Reduces the amount of button pressing when farming when you only need a single skill to get 50% compared to pressing 3 different skills from Waver to get the samee amount.
  • Can also come very handy when combining it with numerous 50% charge CE's in the game to get you a full bar.
  • Can synergize very well with Waver or another Skadi to get 100%. Or if a servant has 50% battery you can get them full charge.
Offensive and Defensive Boost to Team from Noble Phantasm
  • Skadi's NP, Gate of Skye, provides you with numerous protections while at the same time provides you with a bit more offensive power with Team-wide Crit Damage Buffs that last for 3 attacks for 5 turns.
  • The 1-time Teamwide Evade will help protect your team from Enemy Noble Phantasms.
  • 3 turn Damage Reduction will help your team survive some hits and could allow you to completely negate damage when combined with some defense buffs.
  • 3 Turn Team-wide Death Protection can come handy in some Challenge Quests where Instant Death can't be blocked by any other defensive effect.

Unlocking Potential

Scathach-Skadi will require the following materials to fully enhance her skills and ascend her. Prioritize getting her to at least Stage 3 Ascension to unlock her last skill. Then focus on maxing out her First and Third Skill. You can worry about maxing out her 2nd Skill and Final Ascension later once you are done.

NOTE: 3rd Anniversary Will have 1/2 AP Daily Quests so you can farm Monuments and Gems during those times.

Aurora Steel

24 Per Skill / 72 Total


Castle of Snow and Ice - 54 AP Each

Eternal Ice

15 Per Skill / 55 Total


Yaga Moscow - 46 AP Each

Void Dust

48 Per Skill / 144 Total

E Pluribus Unum:

Charlotte - 31 AP Each

Caster Monuments

17 Silver / 17 Gold

Friday Training Ground:

Intermediate - 20 AP / Silver

Expert - 71 AP / Gold

Giant's Ring

12 Total for Final Ascension


Giant's Flower Garden - 49 AP Each

Heart of Forbidden God

6 Total for Ascensions


Carter Residence - 163 AP Each

Primordial Lanugo

9 Per Skill / 32 Total


Blood Fort - 116 AP Each

Caster Skill Gem

51 Blue / Red / Gold Total

Friday Training Ground:

Novice - 8 AP / Blue

Advanced - 18 AP / Red

Expert - 53 AP / Gold

Skadi System for Farming

This portion of the guide will discuss various AOE Quick Servants who can work with Skadi for 3-turn Farming.

  • Skadi System Typically Features one AOE Quick Servant paired up with Double Skadi(yours and a support). If you're using the Chaldea Combat Uniform, you'd typically throw in Waver, Nero Bride, Upgraded Paracelsus, etc.
  • Not all Servants are equal, some servants are more effective than others when doing 3-turn Farming.
  • For Consistent performance NP2 and higher is recommended. NP1 will work but may require the enemies to be weakened with face cards for guarantee kill and overkill bonuses.
  • Overkill and why Noble Phantasm Hit Counts Matter - For every hit you deal to the enemy when their HP reaches 0, you will deal Overkill Damage, meaning that your hits will generate 50% extra NP and Critical Stars.
  • More Hits means more overkills which equals more NP refunded and Stars Generated. This is important when you want your NP to refund enough to be refilled with Skadi's 50% NP Charge and be able fire once again. The extra stars will allow your Servants to utilize the 100% Quick Critical Damage Bonus to kill any survivors.
  • Use the Triple Success Rate during 3rd Anniversary to get your Craft Essence to Level 100 for the 2000+ Attack Stat Bonus. Max Limit Broken CE's with Damage/NP Gain Bonus, Starting NP charge of 50% or higher, and Pure Attack Stats are your ideal candidates. The Following Ideal CE would be : Kaleidoscope, Holy Night Supper, Magical Girl of Sapphire, and Little Halloween Devil.

Chaldea Combat Uniform

This Mystic Code will be used by most players who do not possess a Max Limit Broken Kaleidoscope CE and have only NP1 Servants. This Mystic Code used to help make up for deficiencies in their teams. The main feature is the Team Swap that will let you use servants such as Waver, Nero Bride, Paracelsus, and other Support Servants that will fill your Boost Damage, NP Charge or boost NP Gain. The Attack Boost at the end helps with clearing the Final Wave. This Mystic Code allows you to use suboptimal teams, but it comes at the cost of increased micro-management that eats up time when farming.

Mage's Association Uniform

Generally used for players who have a Kaleidoscope that isn't Max Limit Broken. The 20% Charge will allow you to go from 80% to the required 100%. The Deck Shuffle Feature will allow you get the right cards to kill off remaining enemies. This mystic codes helps improve consistency with NP1 Servant Teams as you're going to need Face Cards to kill of the Mid or Final Bosses most of the time. This MC requires fairly minimal micromanagement in most cases, though you need to rely on Face Cards due to lack of damage steroids.

Fragment of Year 2004

Typically used by Players who have Max Limit Broken Kaleidoscopes and NP2 or Higher AOE servants who can reliably kill the bosses. There are two important parts. First is the NP Gain Bonus that is usually used in Wave 2 (or Wave 1 when using Berserker Lancelot) to ensure consistent 3-turn NP Farming. The 2nd is the NP Damage boost used to finish off the Final Wave. This is probably the fastest in terms of farming speed, ease, and consistency. But you're going to need a well built and invested team to take advantage of this.

Commander Krano's Double Skadi System Chart

Optimal Farming Servants

This section discusses the most optimal and forgiving servants for 3-turn Skadi Farming. These servants can work at lower NP levels when using Combat Plugsuit Swapping and does not require Kaleidoscope or its MLB Version. These servants can work against Neutral Classes and work the best against Berserkers, which have a 20% reduction in overall NP gains.

Atalanta (4* Archer)

Atalanta is probably the most forgiving servant that can reliably NP Loop. She comes with numerous upgrades including an NP Damage Interlude and NP Generation Buff on her 3rd Skill combined with a Quick Buff for the entire Team. As a result, She is one of the easiest servants that you can utilize for 3 Turn Farming.

But wait, there's more! Atalanta can generate a ridiculous amount of Stars whenever she fires off her NP. You will pretty much always have 50 stars to give everyone 100% Crit rate with plenty of extra stars to spare. These stars, combined her high star weight and star absorption skill, will always ensure that she will be able to take advantage of the Critical Damage Bonus for Quick Cards that Skadi provides.

For enhancing skills, prioritize on maxing out her 3rd Skill Post-Strengthening for the 50% NP Gain Bonus. Follow up with powering up the 1st Skill. The 2nd skill you can ignore as you will never have an issue with getting enough stars.

In battle, Start off with activating her 3rd skill for 3-turn 50% NP Gain paired with the Quick Buffs from Double Skadi. You can activate her 1st Quick Up skill on the final wave to kill the boss.

Edmond Dantes (5* Avenger - Limited)

Dantes is very similar to Atalanta in that he has a 3-turn NP Generation Buff and an NP Damage Interlude Strengthening(On 3rd Anniversary) to allow him to perform. On top of that as an Avenger, Dantes comes with extremely high Attack Stats, increased 1.10 x Class Damage Modifier, lack of Class Disadvantages, and will passively regenerate 3% NP per turn. Dantes can be taken anywhere except for quests that have Moon Cancer Class Enemies, which are extremely rare.

Because of his high damage potential and lack of any real class disadvantage, Dantes will see significant use in Future Challenge Quests where you will face wave after wave of enemies. However as an Avenger, Dantes will be dealing neutral damage the vast majority of the time. As a result, Dantes is more demanding, requiring higher NP levels if you want to take him reliably clear waves and generate enough overkills to refund 50% NP. While NP1 can work, there will be certain quests where Dantes does not deal enough damage to get the job done. If you want to use him for Challenge Quests then NP2 is required with NP3 being the recommended level to clear out any Challenge Quests.

For enhancing skills, prioritize on maxing out his 2nd Skill for the 50% NP Gain Bonus. Follow up with powering up the 1st Skill for the attack damage buff and invulnerability pierce. The 3rd skill while not mandatory is a fairly nice skill that can give him 20 stars on demand, remove debuffs on himself, and reduce enemy np gauge by 1.

In battle, Start off with activating his 2nd skill for 3-turn 50% NP Gain paired with the Quick Buffs from Double Skadi. You can activate his 1st Attack Up skill on the final wave to kill the boss. Dantes can deal some massive Critical Damage even at neutral, so he should have no problems finishing off the Mid or Final Boss, if they happen to survive.

Parvati (4* Lancer)

Parvati is one the best choices for Double Skadi Farming. She comes with a built in 3 Turn Quick and NP Gain Buff on her first skill. A single turn burst of Attack, Defense, Star Gen, and Debuff Resistance for her second skill. Finally, a targeted support skill that provides up to 20% NP Charge and 3000 HP Heal on her 3rd Skill at the cost of 10% of her NP. Her NP will not only deal damage but will charge everyone with 10% NP and has a potential to Charm the enemy.

When compared to another option, Valkyrie, Parvati is easier for F2P and has a slightly stronger burst for the Final Wave. Parvati can be used with an MLB Imaginary Element using her 3rd skill while most others would need to use a KScope. Parvati does provide some level of support for the team while Valkyries are selfish in comparison. Parvati does perform better than Valkyries outside of Skadi 3-turn Farming, but there are far better options out there if you're not gonna be doing Skadi Teams. Parvati is more reliant on higher NP levels compared to Valkyries and is less consistent due to generating less np and stars from her NP than the Valkyries. Parvati is a better all rounder while Valkyries are better optimized for Skadi Farming. Her 3rd Skill can come in handy if you failed to generate enough NP Refund to fire off the next NP.

For enhancing skills, prioritize on maxing out her 1st Skill for the 30% Quick and NP Gain Bonus. Follow up with powering up either the 3rd skill, if you're having consistency issues with not getting enough NP charge or 2nd Skill if you want more burst damage.

In battle, Start off with activating her 1st Skill paired with the Quick Buffs from Double Skadi. You can activate her 2nd skill on the final wave to kill the boss.

Valkyrie (4* Lancer)

Valkyrie is one the best choices for Double Skadi Farming. They have a strong 3 Turn Damage Boost in their 1st Skill, providing both 30% Quick and 20% NP Damage Buff. They have a fantastic 3 turn 10% NP, 10 Star, and 1000 HP generation on their 3rd Skill. Their NP will deal damage and then apply Instant Death after the damage has been dealt, so you won't have to worry about losing out on refunds if instant death triggers.

Compared to Parvati, Valkyries does require more investment, but when fully invested they will perform better than Parvati for 3 Turn Farming. Valkyries will refund more stars and NP than Parvati even with Parvati's NP Gain Buff. At the same NP level, Valkyries will deal significantly more damage for 3 turns duration, due to their NP Damage Buff. This compounds with the significantly higher hit counts on their NP compared to Parvati, which will generate more overkills meaning more NP and Stars generated. Valkyries will consistently generate 50 stars or more every turn, while Parvati will generate around only 30 stars in comparison. 50 Stars will guarantee that all the Cards have 100% Crit Rate meaning the Valkyries can take advantage of the 100% Quick Crit Damage Buff better than Parvati.

For enhancing skills, prioritize on maxing out her 1st Skill for the 30% Quick and 20% Damage Bonus. Follow up with maxing out their 3rd Skill which will provide 10% NP and 10 Stars Per Turn when maxed. The 2nd Skill is not important for Skadi Farming, so you can ignore that for the time being.

In battle, Start off with activating their 1st and 3rd Skill paired with the Quick Buffs from Double Skadi and you're pretty much good to go.

Lancelot Berserker (4* Berserker)

Berserker Lancelot has some more demanding requirements than the above servants, but when you have all the pieces together, you can take him anywhere with the only exception being nodes with Berserkers(the above servants work better here) and Foreigners. Because there are no decent Quick AOE Sabers or Casters at this point, Lancelot is one of the ideal servants you can take for dealing with Lancer and Assassin Nodes. Finally, the existing Quick AOE Assassins have trouble with NP refund without meeting very high requirements. As a result, Lancelot is one of your best options with dealing with Rider Nodes alongside Dantes.

Lancelot requires NP2 to reliably Quick Farm due to the low base damage of his NP. But every time he fires his NP, he will gain a 10% attack buff every time. His very high hit counts generates over 50 stars with Skadi Buffs and 10 hits will allow for numerous overkill hits to NP refund more. Lancelot can take advantage of the stars to generate massive Critical Damage. Even if you have a Boss that survives the NP, a single Critical Buster/Quick from Lancelot will finish them off.

For enhancing skills, Lancelot is very easy and low investment in comparison to the others. You only need to power up his 3rd Skill to max, all the other skills barely gain with power ups and aren't really worth investing in.

In battle, you're going to want to save his 3rd Skill for Wave 2 as his 100% NP Gain Buff lasts only one turn. The 1st wave is usually low health in comparison to the 2nd wave. There's numerous ways to handling the issue with his 1 turn NP Gain.

If you have an MLB Kscope you can use either Mage Association or Fragment of 2004 Mystic Code. Use the NP Gain boost on Lancelot's First Turn to help get to 50% refund for Wave 2. Or you can use the Mage Association after the First Turn to get Lancelot to the required 50%. After that you can use Lancelot's 3rd Skill to refund enough NP for Wave 3.

Now if you don't have an MLB Kscope, you will need to use a Waver with Chaldea Combat Uniform to help refill Lancelot enough to reach 50%.