Fate/Requiem Event Guide

Event Guidelines

Fate/Requiem Event consists primarily of a Board Game, Bonus Quests, and finally a 30 Mission Reward Banner.

Your goal for this event is play through the event by collecting dice to play a board game and collect tokens. 4* Lancer – Utsumi Erice comes with free this event. She is a decent AOE Arts Lancer for newer and budget players.

Guidelines to follow

  • Event Main Story is timelocked so there is no need to rush the event.
  • Event can be cleared with Natural AP if you skip the Monuments in the Event Shop.
  • You will play a board game by getting dice from Free Quests and using them to move across the board.
  • Each space on the board will give you token(s) and other rewards, collecting tokens is essential for progressing through the story.
  • The event only has 30 mission to complete and can easily be cleared by just playing the event.
  • Event Bonuses are only Damage and Bond Point bonus from Event Servants and the Event Shop CE, newer players can utilize these bonuses to get through the event.
  • The Event Shop CE will provide a damage bonus to the equipped servant during the event. Max Limit Breaking is recommended to double the damage bonus value.
  • Focus on landing as many spaces early on to get the tokens you need to unlock main story quests. The better currency nodes will show up much later in the game.
  • Event will have multiple types of dice that you will use to land on the proper spots on the board. Each Free quest will contain specific dice that you will need to do a full clear of the board.
  • Bonus Quests will show up when you reach certain token milestones. These are not necessary for event story progression and should be done once you have completed everything else.

NOTE: Efficient clearing of the event can be done by avoiding spaces on the board that no longer provides rewards. Getting past the Main Story Quests as quickly as possible will open doors to getting special Golden Dice that will allow you to clear the board easily.

Fate/Requiem Infograph

By Kevinrealk

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Support Setup Recommendation

Players will mostly focus fast clearing Event Stages therefore, Support Casters are preferred. The Event Bonus servants will only have the usual damage and bond point bonus for the event.

Event Walkthrough

Getting Started

  • To simplify the game, there are two types of spaces on the board categorize: Diamond Space and Corner Space.
  • Corner Spaces are specifically the spaces that on the 4 corners of the board: 1, 6, 11, 16.
  • Diamond Spaces are the spaces that run on the side of the board and have 5 “Diamonds” on top hence the name.
  • Diamond Space will each provide a token for the first time, with the exception of 2, 5, 9, 15, and 18 that give you a second token after you land on them 5 times each.
  • Diamond Spaces will also provide additional material rewards up to 5 times along with the aforementioned rewards above.
  • Corner Spaces 1(GO) and 11(Colosseum) only need to be landed on a maximum of 3 times to get all the tokens. You’ll want to avoid landing them on afterwards.
  • You will always be stopped at Space 1 when you try to go past it for the first 3 times, afterwards you will not stop there unless you roll specifically on it.
  • Corner Spaces 6 and 16 will take you to 11(Colosseum) whenever you land on them.

Click each part below for detailed walkthrough

Playing the Board Game

  1. Focus on acquiring tokens. You will need to reach these following token milestones to progress through the main quest story: 4, 15, 20, 30, and 35.
  2. Once you have unlocked a new Main Story Game Story, immediately clear them to get a substantial number of Tokens.
  3. Run Early-Stage Free Quests only when you are out of dice and have nothing else to do. Each Main Game Stage unlocks a new and better free quest to farm from.
  4. Start out with using the normal die. Until you have landed on 1 and/or 11 – 3 times each
  5. If you have landed on corner 11 – 3 times – start using the special die to avoid landing on 6, 11, and 16.
  6. If you have landed on Corner 1 – 3 times start using special die to avoid landing on 1. After you get all the tokens, you will be able to skip Corner 1 without stopping there.
  7. Double Token Diamond Spaces: 2, 5, 9, 15, 18 will need to be land on a total of 5 times to get the extra tokens that they have.
  8. As you reach toward the end, you can start using more of the Red/Blue Die and Gold Die to complete the spaces.

Event time – locks:

Quest TypeRelease DateFree Quest
Prologue – Second Game
Free Quests
2022-05-06 01:00 – 05-19 20:59 PDTAkihabara, Wolf Mansion
Third Game – Fourth Game
Free Quests
2022-05-07 21:00 – 05-19 20:59 PDTTwilight Frontier, Great ORBAT Battleground
Fifth Game – Final Game
Free Quests
2022-05-09 21:00 – 05-19 20:59 PDTMount Tokugashi
Epilogue2022-05-10 21:00 – 05-19 20:59 PDTShinjuku

30 Mission Reward System

The Event has a simple 30 mission reward system, clearing it is simple and straight forward, just play through the event to complete the mission:

  1. Put immediately put Erice on your team when you get her (after the 5th Game). She needs to reach Bond 3 by the end of the event and been on the Team for 5 Battles.
  2. Have enough embers to get Erice to Ascension Stage 3.
  3. Use each type of dice at least 10 times. (Normal, Red/Blue, and Gold Die)
  4. Get a total of 30 tokens.
  5. Moved a total of 150 spaces on the board.
  6. Obtain 400 of each Event Shop Currency.
  7. Clear 15 Bonus Quests.


There are a total of 52 Tokens that can be obtained from the game.

22 Tokens along can be obtained from clearing the main story:

1st Game1 Token
2nd Game8 Tokens
3rd Game4 Tokens
4th Game9 Tokens

30 Tokens along can be obtained from board game

Corner Space 1(GO)3 Tokens
Corner Space 11(Colosseum)6 Tokens
Diamond Space 1 Tokens each
Special Diamond Spaces*: 2, 5, 9, 15, 182 Tokens each

*Must clear 5 times to get 2nd token. Check the top diamond progress and the lower progress bar next to the insignias.

Quick Playthrough

  1. Clear Prologue and First Game to unlock the Game Board.
  2. Clear and farm the Akihabara Free Quests from some dice when you need it.
  3. Play the Board Game until you get 4 tokens to unlock Second Game and clear it.
  4. Farm Wolf Mansion for Dice and Currency.
  5. Play until you get 15 tokens to unlock Third Game.
  6. You should more than 20 tokens from clearing Third Game to unlock Fourth Game and clear it.
  7. Farm Twilight Fronter for 3-Gold Dice and best Marker currency drops.
  8. Farm Great ORBAT Battleground for 2-Gold Dice and best Gem currency drops.
  9. Play until you get 30 tokens to unlock Fifth Game and clear it to get a Temporary Copy of Erice.
  10. Place Erice into the backline of your team so that you can complete her Bond 3 and 5 Battle Mission.
  11. Farm Mountain Togakushi for 1-Gold Dice and best Counter currency drops.
  12. Play until you get 35 tokens to unlock Final Game/Epilogue and clear it to get a Holy Grail and make Erice permanent.
  13. Clear Shinjuku Free Quest once for the rewards.
  14. Continue to play the Game Board for tokens and farm free quest to get more Gold Dice and Shop Currency.

Bonus Quest – WIP

Challenge Quest – WIP

Part 7 – After Story – WIP

Event Free Quest Drop Rates

  • All Free Quest nodes drop different types of dice.
  • Avoid farming the All nodes, as they are rather poor at getting the Dice you need.
  • Quests listed in Part 2 Drop Tables drop valuable Golden Dice that make clearing spaces on the board much easier. Not to mention they have the best drop rates for Event Currency. Avoid spending too much time and AP on the Free Quest in Part 1, use them to get to 3rd Stage and move on to the better nodes.