Las Vegas 2021 Rerun Event Guide

Enjoy the Summer 2021 Event of FGO and get your free

4* Hokusai Saber Servant!

Event Ends in:


<mark>About This Guide</mark>

This FGO event guide is made up of 5 main sections. You can read it through from start to finish, or jump to the section that most interests you.

  1. Event Guidelines
  2. Support Setup
  3. Event Infograph
  4. Event Playthrough
  5. Farming Drop Rates

Event Guidelines

All In! Las Vegas Championship Match consists primarily of <mark>Casino Quests</mark>, <mark>Fever Quests</mark>, and finally a <mark>100 Mission Reward Banner</mark>.

<mark>This rerun plays nearly the same as the original, but with the inclusion of the new Millionaire Difficulty for Rakuichi, Cirque de Requin, and Camelot locations. This new difficulty has the best drops but is substantially more difficult and cannot easily be 3 turned. </mark>.

Your goal for this event is gamble and win QP from grinding Casino Quests. Reach the QP threshold to unlock new story quests and progress into the event. At the same time you will be clearing missions to unlock rewards and additional quests.<mark> 4* Saber - Summer Katsushika Hokusai </mark> will join your party and your job will be to power her up and raise her bond levels through battles.

<mark>Guidelines you need to follow for this event:</mark>

  • Login everyday to get Fever Tickets.
  • DO NOT use any Fever Tickets until you have unlocked Millionaire Fever Quests AND obtained all 4 copies of “Demonic Sun-Princess” CE.
  • Only use Fever Tickets on the best Millionaire Fever Quests, ignore the lower levels.
  • Millionaire Fever Quests are hands down the best Fever Quest, highest Raw QP and Dream Coin Drops to exchange for more QP. Save your tickets for when this pops up.
  • Unlike the previous event, all Millionaire Fever Quests will provide nearly the same level of QP per ticket. You won't need to worry about waiting for Camelot node to pop up.
  • Focus purely on Grinding QP and increasing Coin Enemy Spawns for your Teams.
  • Have Summer Hokusai on your team for Bond Points and save Embers to ascend her for Missions.

NOTE: This event is time-locked, its best to simply use natural AP until June 3rd when the final time-lock is lifted. Each Main Quest Chapter will unlock every two days.

Summer Katsushika Hokusai 4* Saber

  • <mark>One of the best Single Target Arts Saber</mark> - especially for newer players.
  • Receive a temporary copy at the start of the event.
  • Becomes permanent after completing the main quests.
  • Has 100% Damage bonus during the event.
  • Gains 50% additional bond points during event.
  • Double EXP bonus for Hokusai during the event.
  • Use the EXP bonus to get Hokusai ascended for the Event Missions.
  • Place Hokusai in your party in order to complete Bond Level Missions.

Temporary Copy available at start of event, Permanent when clearing Main Story, Ascension Materials and Extra copies available on Mission Rewards.

Support Setup Recommendation

Players will mostly focus on getting the highest QP bonus, therefore <mark>QP Bonus CE such as Bella Lisa(most desireable), Demonic Sun-Princess, and Mona Lisa, </mark> are preferred. Event Servants do not provide any progression bonus to Friends, therefore Support Casters are the ideal holders of QP bonus CE's

Las Vegas Infograph by Kevinrealk

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Event - Getting Started

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  • <mark> Run on Natural AP until Final Time lock on June 3rd </mark>
  • Clear all available Free Quests to receive Apples for first time reward.
  • Clear Big Chance Quests when they show up for big QP accumulation. The QP reward is a static amount, bonuses don't apply to them. Optimize your teams for combat in these quests.
  • You'll need to grind 100 Lucky Dice, 100 Miracle Playing Cards, and 200 Dream Chips to purchase Tickets for certain Main Story Quests. (for 1st Rakuichi/3rd/5th/6th Casino Story Quests)
  • <mark>Maximize QP Bonus and Coin Enemy Spawn Bonus for your teams.</mark> the Event Shop can be cleared without any Gacha CE's with the amount of QP Grinding you need to do.
  • Quests that cost QP will have refund that QP on successful clear. Defeat and withdraw will forfeit the QP consumed.

Check below for optimal team setup for QP Farming.

Optimal Team CE Setup

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  • Starting out you won't have any Demonic Sun-Princess(Suzuka) CE's as these require Missions to be completed.
  • Use a friend support with MLB Bella Lisa for 15% Bonus to QP Gain.
  • Fit MLB Mona Lisa, Detective Fou-mes, and Bella Lisa to boost your QP gain by 20%(Total of 35% with support Bella Lisa).
  • Once your start getting Suzuka CE <mark>replace Bella Lisa then Detective Fou-mes. </mark>
  • Coin Enemy spawn rates start at 25% base. Each Suzuka increases that by 15%(30% when MLB). Therefore you get 85% spawn rate with the 4 you receive from the event. You need to either get another drop to get 5 for 100% or use a friend to help reach 100%.
  • In terms of bonus, a 5th Suzuka CE is about comparable to an MLB Mona Lisa for QP acquisition. But when doing Fever Quests, Mona Lisa is superior to Suzuka CE.
  • You don't need to worry too much about killing X amount of Coin or other enemy types in the early stage, your main progression will be capped by purely your QP accumulation. You will have long completed the Coin enemy kill mission before you are done with your event.

  • <mark>It is best to keep using Bella Lisa from Support over Suzuka unless you can reach 100% with 2 MLB + 1 regular Suzuka CE in your line up. </mark>

Event Walkthrough

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  1. Start the prologue and place Hokusai on the team immediately for Bond Points.
  2. Setup your team for optimal QP farming.
  3. Clear all available Free Quests for Fruits.
  4. Clear First Casino Main Quest.
  5. Farming Himeji Regular for 100 Lucky Dice.
  6. Buy Tanuki's Letter of Challenge and clear out the additional First Casino Main Quest.
  7. Clear Big Chance - Bet for 4 Million QP.
  8. Farm Himeji VIP until you have accumulated 25 Million QP.
  9. Clear Second Casino P1 Main Quest.
  10. Farm Himeji VIP until you have accumulated 28 Million QP.
  11. Clear out Second Casino P2 Main Quests.
  12. Return to Farming Himeji VIP one last time until you earned 32 Million QP.
  13. Clear out the last set of Second Casino P3 Main Quest.
  14. Farm the new Pharaoh VIP until you reach 62 Million QP.
  15. Clear Third Casino P1 Main Quest.
  16. Resume Farming Pharah VIP until 66 Million QP and you have at least 100 Dream Chips.
  17. Purchase Dragon's Letter of Challenge for 100 Dream Chips
  18. Clear Third Casino P2 and P3 Main Quest.
  19. Clear out the available Suiten-gu Free Quests and Farm Pharaoh VIP until 70 Million QP.
  20. Clear out all the remaining Third Casino Main Quests.
  21. Clear Big Chance - Raise for 8 Million QP.
  22. Farm Suiten-gu VIP until 90 Million QP.
  23. Clear Fourth Casino Main Quests.
  24. Clear all available Rakuichi Free Quests and Farm Rakuichi Millionaire until you reach 120 Million QP.
  25. Clear Fifth Casino P1 Main Quest.
  26. Farm Rakuichi Millionaire until you reach 130 Million QP.
  27. Purchase Shark's Letter of Challenge for 100 Miracle Playing Cards.
  28. Clear Fifth Casino P2 and P3 Main Quest.
  29. Clear Big Chance - Re Raise for 12 Million QP.
  30. Farm Cirque due Requin Millionaire until you reach 170 Million QP.
  31. Clear Sixth Casino Main Quests and keep farming Cirque due Requin to unlock QP requirements up to 185 MIllion QP.
  32. Purchase the last Lion's Letter of Challenge for 100 Dream Chips.
  33. Clear the remaining Sixth Main Quests.
  34. Farm any Millionaire Free Quest until you reach 200 Million QP.
  35. Clear Final Bout and watch Part 1 Epilogue.
  36. Receive Holy Grail and Summer Hokusai made permanent.

Farming Drops

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  • <mark>Millionaire Free Quest nodes provide the best Event Shop Currency and Ascension Material Drop Rates </mark>
  • Camelot Millionaire has superior Reverse Dragon Scale drop rates compared to normal singularity Free Quests.
  • Cirque de Requin Millionaire has super Divine Wine drops rates compared to normal singularity Free Quests.
  • All Millionaire Free Quests provide virtually identical amounts of QP(approximately 1.4 Million QP base with 2.9 Million QP at maximum bonus (2 MLB Suzuka CE, Mona Lisa CE, Support Bella Lisa CE, and 2 5% QP Bonus CE).
  • Millionaire Fever Quests will provide about 3.3 Million QP base with 5.5 Million QP at Maximum Bonus.

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