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Event Guidelines

This is the event guide for the FGO Global Amazoness.com CEO Crisis Event. This is a special Battle Tower Event that let players battle their way up the floors to get valuable rewards. The event will require players to clear 200 floors, it is highly recommended that you do not procrastinate with this event. When the event starts, you want to hit the ground running!

Your goal for this event is to play clear all the floors in each area to unlock more story quests and earn more rewards. Players will receive some special rewards, mostly importantly – 1 Holy Grail, 3 Bond Grails, Penthesilea costume, 3 Rare Prisms, and 3 Crystallized Lores, don’t miss out!

Guidelines to follow

  • Rush through the early stages as fast as you can, the latter stages will be harder and more time consuming. Time management is a crucial resource in this event!
  • You will only be allowed to use your own servants; you cannot use friend support servants for this event.
  • The floors are composed of either 1 or 2 waves of 3 enemies. AOE servants will be heavily favored for this event.
  • The event is fairly straight forward in how it plays ie. clear the floors to unlock new content and rewards. That is all you really need to follow.
  • After you successfully clear a floor. The used servants will go into a 6-hour cooldown. Focus on minimizing the number of servants you will use for your teams. The lowest you can go is 3 servants to battle.
  • Manage your cooldowns faster by placing your servants in resting areas. Placing a servant in the resting area will reduce their cooldown by half to 3 hours. Properly placing your servants in an area that they have affinity to will reduce it even further down to 2 hours.
  • Cooldown progress will remain saved to your servant after removing them from the resting area, but the amount of time will change proportionally to how much progress was left.
  • There will be three battle floor areas. The final area will unlock optional Raid Battles for players to complete for additional rewards.
  • Completing the first two areas (Amazoness Warehouse and Artemis Tower) are essential for completing the event main quests. The final area (EX Artemis Tower and EX Raids) is for additional rewards. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you complete all of them as the rewards are fairly valuable.
  • Avoid Max Limit breaking the Bond Point CE until you are certain. Getting 100% Bond Bonus for multiple servants maybe better for than getting 200% Bonus for just one servant. Decide on what you want to focus on. Either you want to get a lot of servants to higher bond levels, or you want to focus on completing bond level 10-15.

NOTE: This Event provides a substantial amount of Bond Points for every floor you complete. You also get a special Event CE that will give you 100%(200% if Max Limit Broken) Bond Point bonus to the equipped servant. This is a great opportunity to get some characters to Bond 10 or to complete Bond Grails for Saint Quartz. Putting this CE on Mash will provide 20%(40% if Max Limit Broken) to the entire team. Though in all honesty you’re just better off fitting each servant you want with the non-limit broken CE’s. You will receive 6 of these CE’s from playing through the event. Plenty enough to fill an entire team roster.

No Supports for this Event!

You cannot use supports for this event so just leave it to your default setup for daily quests and singularity free quest farming.

Amazoness CEO Crisis Infograph

By Kevinrealk

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Event Walkthrough

Getting Started

  • Minimize the number of servants used per floor.
  • Equip the Bond CE to your team as soon as you get them. The amount of Bond you get per battle is significant.
  • There is no farming here. Clear the floors to get the fixed rewards.
  • Set aside a time to blaze through the floors and then stop until the cooldowns are done or when you have time to play again.
  • It is best to setup your teams with a single AOE servant with 2 disposable filler servants for fast and efficient clearing of each floor. The double wave and boss floors are where you can opt to go with more substantial teams to close.
  • Every 5 Floors completed will provide you with rewards.
  • There are three different zones. First is the Amazoness Warehouse with 50 floors followed by Artemis Tower with another 50 floors. Clearing Amazoness Warehouse and Artemis Tower will unlock the Epilogue and unlock EX Artemis Tower with 100 floors along with EX Raids.
  • Don’t worry about doing the Raids until you have cleared out all the floors. Clearing the Raids will take multiple teams for each Raid.

Click each part below for detailed walkthrough

Amazoness Delivery

Enemy HP can range from 11,000 to 180,000 HP

Every 5th and 9th floor (ie floor 5,9,15,19…) has two waves.

Every 10th floor is a main quest you need to clear to proceed.

Floors are typically mono class ie. All Archer, All Rider, etc.

Artemis Tower

Any floors in the list below will have 2 enemy waves, the rest are single wave floors

  • 4, 5, 8, 9
  • 14,15,17,18,19
  • 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29
  • 32, 33, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39
  • 41 – 49 except the 45th floor

On the 5th of every floor, the enemies will have special effects:

  • 5th – Drain Frontline party np by 40% on Wave 2.
  • 15th – Siegfried has permanent NP damage up.
  • 25th – Charles Henri-Sanson has permanent crit rate up.
  • 35th – Geronimo will start off with Card Effectiveness buff for all types.
  • 45th – Berserker Lancelot can charge his NP by one bar and if he is only one bar away from full, he will fill it and fire his np.

EX Artemis Tower 1-50

Floors with waves of 2 enemies:

  • 4, 5, 8, 9,10.
  • 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20.
  • 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30
  • 32 – 40, only 31 has one wave.
  • 41 – 50 are all 2 waves with 50 being a single boss wave.

On the 5th of every floor, the enemies will have special effects:

  • 5th – Jekyl and Hyde will activate his NP start of the battle and transform into this berserker form.
  • 15th – Hans Christian Anderson will constantly spawn Grimoires onto the field as long as he is on field and if there are unoccupied spaces on the enemy side.
  • 25th – Romulus inflicts attack down on team.
  • 35th – Rider Martha decreases defense of team.
  • 45th – Nothing special here.

Every 10th floor has a boss with a break bar (except for 50 doesn’t have break bars but lots of powerful effects)

  • 10th – Hessian Lobo -Bar Break Inflicts Debuff Resist Down on all enemies
  • 20th – Jinako(Ganesha) – Bar Break grants a 5 Hit Defense up to self.
  • 30th – Sitonai – Inflicts Critical Damage Down when attacking. Bar Break grants Damage Up to Sitonai and deals extra damage to servants with Crit Damage Debuff.
  • 40th – Hokusai Foreigner – Bar Break grants high damage resistance from Man Attribute Servants.
  • 50th – Medea will fully charge Circe’s NP Bar at the end of every turn. Killing Circe first will cause Medea to retreat, and the battle will end.

EX Artemis Tower 51-100

Floor 51, 61, 71, 81 are the only floors at this point with easy to clear single wave fights.
Everything else are 2 wave battles (with the exception for 90 and 100)

On the 5th of every floor, the enemies will have special effects:

  • 55th – Lanling Wang buffs his team with attack up.
  • 65th – Paracelsus either heals your team or inflicts poison/defense down.
  • 75th – Chevalier d’Eon has a chance of increasing their NP gauge when attacked.
  • 85th – Vlad III Extra Lancer has increased defense against Man Attribute Servants.
  • 95th – Yan Qing will buff his team with a special effect. Normal attacks will inflict stun or decrease attack/np generation.

Every 10th floor has a boss with a break bar (except for 90 and 100 which don’t have break bars but lots of powerful effects)

  • 60th – Cu Alter – Break Bar grants him with a 3-times Guts that revives him with 20% of his 2nd bar’s HP.
  • 70th – Sherlock – Chance to remove defensive buffs, grants himself Crit Chance Up when he removes a buff. Bar Break gives him Crit Damage Up.
  • 80th – Kama – Chance to randomly Charm 1 servant for 1 turn. Bar Break grants her with increased damage against Charmed Servants.
  • 90th – Asclepius has bonus to healing. Heracles permanently has greatly increased attack power at start of battle. Asterios takes greatly reduces NP Damage of your team.
  • 100th – Super Orion – Greatly increased attack if a female servant is on field. Will grant himself permanent attack boost if Artemis is defeated. Artemis – Chance to stun Super Orion for 1 turn at the end of every turn. Charges own gauge to max at the end of every turn. Charges Super Orion’s NP gauge by 1 and heals him for 10,000 HP.

EX Raid – Work in Progress

EX Raids – Work in Progress