Sparrow's Inn Daily Report Event Guide Pt1

The hot springs resort requires renovations. You job will be to remodel the resort and provide the guests with the best experience that Chaldea has to offer.

Event Ends in:


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Getting Started

This portion details the general event information, event infograph, and support formation setup.

Event Walkthrough + Challenge Quest

This section covers the day to day walkthrough of the event and the challenge quest.


This part details the farming portion of the event. Drop Rates and Farming Calculator is included in this section.

General Event Information

Event requires Lost Belt 3 - S.I.N. Completion to participate.

Rewards a Holy Grail on Completion.

Your job for this event will be to gather lumber materials, to be used for renovating a special hot springs resort for guests to stay in. You will receive special offering points everyday based on the Guest Satisfaction level at the resort.

Drop and Bond Point Bonus for Select Servants during the Event(Check Infograph for Details)

Guest Satisfaction
  • You objective is to gather Tribute Points to unlock new levels and rewards.
  • You will obtain Tribute Points each day at 10 AM PST.
  • Tribute Points will be equal the Guest Satisfaction Level at the resort.
  • Renovations will increase Guest Satisfaction Level and Tribute Point Gain.
  • Your job for this event is to gather Lumber materials for remodeling the resort.
  • Renovations can be done at the Lobby Area and has no battles save for the final one.
  • Certain Main Quests will require you to complete a specific renovation to proceed.
  • Specific Servants will have a Drop Bonus for all 3 Types of Lumber along with a Bond Point Bonus(Check infograph for details)
  • There will also be drop bonus for each type of lumber based on servant class.
  • Event Shop CE: "Goddesses of Glittering Snow" will provide drop bonus for all 3 types of Lumber.
Additional Content
  • New Years 2021 Campaign will be running concurrently with this event, so don't forget about it.
  • New Rank Up Quests for the following servants: Tamamo no Mae, Fionn mac Cumhaill, Tamamo Cat, and Kiyohime.
  • 2 new command codes: "Good Wife, Wise Fox" and "Mirror of Eight Leaves"

Infograph by Kevinrealk

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