Mobile Gaming Companies Dominate Anime NYC 2019

This is Mobile Gaming News Network’s coverage of Anime NYC 2019.

This year at Anime New York, Mobile Game companies had exquisite showcases on both the exhibition floor and in panels. Such companies like Aniplex, Crunchyroll, Cygames, and Bushiroad, each had something unique to show which made my experience with each booth different. They had old games and some new ones show us. All of which got me to redownload some games I had previously played as well as getting excited for the new ones to come.

Let us take a look a what these companies had to present to those who have attended the convention.


The biggest booth presenting at the convention would have to be Aniplex with ANYC 2019 being their final location for their Fate/Grand Order USA Tour. They had the following to show at their booth:

  • A wall decorated with artwork from cards in the game,
  • Demo of the VR Video Game,
  • A gaming area to play the Fate/Grand Order Duel Board Game,
  • A stage where contests, events, and display of the game were held,
  • A display of beautiful gigantic panels of characters from the recent story arc, Shimousa (Shown Below),
  • Display of props from the game like Kintoki’s Bike, Artoria Alter’s, and Gilgamesh’s famous blades (Shown Below),
  • Exclusive for ANYC, as the last destination of their tour, fans got the chance to touch a life-scale version of the character, Musashi’s blades,
  • A photo booth where fans got a chance to virtually take pictures with Excalibur,
  • and Fans got the chance to do a stamp rally around the convention center to win temporary tattoos, Fate/Grand Order themed.

Now that is what they had to offer at the booth, the game company also had a panel on Saturday with voice actors, Aoi Yūki and Rumi Ōkubo. They announced game news as well as had a causal interview with the voice actors. The members of Aniplex, like their Senior Localization Producer, Albert, say that they are tired from all the traveling for the USA Tour but it is sad that something so amazing has to all come to an end.

Next to the Fate/Grand Order Booth, there was the Magia Records Booth, another game done by Aniplex. This booth was not as big as Fate/Grand Order’s, but it was wonderful that they still came to showcase the game with such a beautiful mythical booth. Fans got to do the following at the booth:

  • Fans got the chance to play a demo of the game and receive a lanyard after so,
  • See a life-size model of the mascot, Kyubey,
  • and a chance to take pictures of the characters on display.

Magia Records also had a panel where they showed the first episode of the anime series of the game (Trailer shown above) as well as the big news of the first NA exclusive magical coming soon. According to officials, “the game creators back in japan want to do something special for those on the NA server.”

Fans, be ready for this first American magical girl to appear in Magia Records!

Crunchyroll Had Lots To Present

At Crunchyroll’s booth, they had four games for fans to try out. After playing the demo, fans would receive a poster or pin. Games they had the fans try out are the following:

  • Attack on Titan TACTICS,
  • Grand Summoner,
  • Naruto Ninja Tribes,
  • and Mob Psycho 100: Psychic Battle.

Got the chance to experience games that the company is known for and some new ones, like Naruto Ninja Tribes from Bandai Namco. This publishing company even had a Naruto cosplay call out to fans to come and experience this upcoming game.

Bushiroad Came With Surprises

I was not expecting Bushiroad coming but what they brought to the con was something to see. A little bit of something old, something present, and something for the future. Here is a better way to understand:

  • BanG Dream! Girls Band Party (Something old but what the company is known for),
  • Detective Conan Case Closed Runner (It just came out this year),
  • and Cardfight Vanguard Zero (Coming out next year).

All sides of the booth showed demos of the games, and after completing the demos, fans received a vanguard card or stickers. The booth also had a stamp rally that will get you the chance to get a BanG Dream! Girls Band Party mystery bag of clear bookmarks of characters from the series. I even got the chance to do a FREE roll on their mobiles that had the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party game.

That was an experience that I did not get the chance to do at other booths; just having fun rolling at a booth at a con was a fun experience, to have with all the people around me watching to see if I would get a 4★ from my roll.

Cygames Brought Things From Overseas

So Cygames did not exactly have a booth but a store. The items in the store were products that are very difficult to find here in the States or are just too expensive on the internet. One of them being the new Dragolia Lost dragon plushies. Those plushies were flying off the shelves and they had to try to keep restocking at each day of the con. There was also Granblue Fantasy and Shadowverse merchandise like keychains, charms, posters.

Seeing these here was a once in a lifetime chance to get these products without dealing with shipping all the way from Japan. Outside of their store, they also had their official cosplayers there who were happy to take pictures with anyone who stopped by. They have done a beautiful job with their costumes. From the detail of coloring on the ears down to the craftsmanship of the armor and boots they wore on their legs.


The convention had quite the number of games to show us this year with some fun activities that any new and old fans can enjoy. Also being able to happily interact with the employees and fans was a major treat. What a way to meet new people and make new friends! Check out our video where we got to chance to interview some fellow gamers who attended the con.