Goddess of Genesis S English Release

Mobile Gaming News Network explores the western release of Goddess of Genesis S.

Cast your mind back, do you remember all those legends from your favourite folklores and books? Goddess of Genesis, although a bit of a mouthful brings some of those to life in some of the most exhilarating battles you’ll ever see in a mobile RPG game. The game has an anime structure, which means you might get some Japanese comics/movie references. However, the game’s English release ensures you shouldn’t have any problem.

The game’s story will place you in a fantasy world under attack from devilish creatures. Your goal? Build a team of legendary heroes and defeat these creatures in the name of the Goddess.

Those childhood legends you’ve always loved reading about are present in this game. You get heroes like Little Red Riding Hood, Holmes, Valkyrie, Athena, Cupid, and so many more.

These heroes have their unique skillsets, which makes your battles very interesting as you can perform different moves with different characters.

In terms of gameplay, an RPG game could not do any better. You will have to battle many different creatures, some of them with powers you can only imagine. You will wage war against an endless number of creatures ranging from elves to dragons.

You can also build your heroes from R to SSR. The SSR heroes are the strongest and have a wider skillset. You can use tarot cards to summon SSR heroes to be part of your team.

The graphics of the game is just as incredible as its gameplay. With a 3D design, your heroes look as realistic and colourful as ever. Their animations will blow you away, and you just might want to keep playing for hours.

There are two playing modes in the game: Story mode and Online PvP battles. The story mode is where you fight devious creatures so that you can save the Goddess’s fantasy world. In the online PvP mode, you will assemble a team of five players from six classes and battle against other players in real-time. This will help you put your fighting skills to the test against people all around the world.

You can download here, ready for the servers opening later today.